Friday, September 21, 2001


Good stuff control, evil villain deck.

Decklist current as of 07/06/16



Phyrexian Metamorph
Sakashima the Imposter
Stormsurge Kraken
Keiga, the Tide Star
Consecrated Sphinx

Fleshbag Marauder
Vampire Nighthawk
Slum Reaper
Dimir House Guard
Disciple of Bolas
Kokusho the Evening Star
Sheoldred, Whispering One

Flametongue Kavu
Mindclaw Shaman
Flayer of the Hatebound
Tyrant's Familiar

Baleful Strix
Shadowmage Infiltrator
Notion Thief
Dack's Duplicate
Marchesa, the Black Rose
Izzet Chronarch

Solemn Simulacrum
It That Betrays


Cyclonic Rift
Rhystic Study
Deep Analysis
Rite of Replication
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Time Sprial

Demonic Tutor
Toxic Deluge
Hero's Downfall
Barter in Blood
Grave Betrayal
Decree of Pain

Chaos Warp
Wild Ricochet
Volcanic Offering
Reforge the Soul
Blasphemous Act

Dack Fayden
Prophetic Bolt
Slave of Bolas
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Sol Ring
Dimir Signet
Rakdos Signet
Izzet Signet  
Gem of Becoming
Unstable Obelisk
Thran DynamoMimic Vat


Underground Sea
Volcanic Island
Watery Grave
Blood Crypt
Polluted Delta
Bloodstained Mire
Drowned Catacomb
Dragonskull Summit
Sulfur Falls
Temple of Deceit
Temple of Malice
Temple of Epiphany        
Dimir Aqueduct
Rakdos Carnarium
Izzet Boilerworks
Command Tower
Crumbling Necropolis
Reflecting Pool
Terramorphic Expanse
Minamo, School at Water's Edge
Bojuka Bog
Desolate Lighthouse
Temple of the False God
4x Island
5x Swamp
4x Mountain

- Mana curve is quite top-heavy, but I increased mana rock count to help compensate. Probably still needs a little work to get the average CMC down a bit.
- Still kinda want a Hedron Archive in here, but I can't decide if it replaces Thran Dynamo or goes in along side it.
- Has a Dimir House Guard, but no Damnation to tutor for. Could be an issue. If I can't find a Damnation to slot in, I may have to consider cutting DHG for something else. 
- Flayer of the Hatebound is cool, but probably needs Living Death and maybe another card interaction or two to really be worth it. 
- Now that I think about it, I have virtually zero reanimation; just Sheoldred, really. Need to fix that as well. Beacon of Unrest maybe? 
- I have a Karn Liberated and an Ugin the Spirit Dragon not being used, keep wondering if this deck wants either of those. Haven't made up my mind.

- Sakashima can come into play as a copy of Thraximundar without legend-ruling herself. Very few decks can withstand a sustained onslaught from TWO Thraximundars. Getting a free Barter in Blood every attack step is fun.
- Have the good ol' Dack Fayden + Notion Thief synergy - +1 Dack targetting an opponent with the Thief on your side of the board and YOU get to draw the two cards, while your opponent is still on the hook to discard. In a pinch, you can also use Dack to force an opponent to draw two cards while you have a Consecrated Sphinx, drawing you four in the process.
- Marchesa and Grave Betrayal have good synergy with Thraximundar, and the rest of the forced-sacrifice theme present in the deck.

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