Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yet another new Green Bomb!

Wizards seems to really be trying to give us EDH players a lot of love. Allow me to submit the following as evidence:

Now isn't that a beautiful sight? I never thought they'd actually print Survival of the Fittest on a creature.

Well, technically they didn't, not exactly. Summoning sickness + tap symbol means she isn't quite as broken as the original. Plus a 2/2 creature tends to be more fragile than an Enchantment. So, while she really isn't AS good as the original thing, in the land of singleton decks, she's the closest you'll get to running 2x Survival... and that ain't bad!

So, yeah, she still combos quite well with Squee, Goblin Nabob and all that. She's also quite a bit better if you can cast Lightning Greaves turn 2, and her on Turn 3. Greaves will not only protect her with Shroud, but give you immediate benefit via Haste as well.

How awesome is it that last night I just posted the Vorosh decklist with Genesis, and lamented about how I needed Survival of the Fittest for the deck... the next day Wizards spoils this card. Fauna Shaman is actually better than Survival in that deck, because not only does she help set up the Genesis engine, but she can actually be recurred with Genesis should she eat a removal spell (likely), unlike her enchantment precursor.

I'd still run both, if I could, mind you. Redundancy is good in EDH, so there's no reason why one should have to choose between the two.

And I'm sure that sometimes the fact that she can only activate once per turn will be a bit of a downer, but hey let's be fair here: Getting this ability once per turn is still better than getting it zero times a turn right? Besides, she's the same color as Seedborn Muse... I'm sure you can find a few clever ways to get around this tiny drawback.

I'll be quite anxious to acquire one for Vorosh most of all, but if I can get more than one I'd be more than happy to run her in any of my EDH decks that run Green.

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