Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I for one welcome our New Phyrexian overlords...

It's official.

Obviously, this isn't news to you. If you're coming here for your latest M:tG news, I truly feel for you. I also have little to add by way of opinion or commentary. It's too early to tell what else is in store for us, but I am very excited to see what lies ahead. This card is a tastey morsel, to be sure. I like it. I'm not sure yet what the  best application for it is... cards that cost 7 mana are usually relegated to EDH only. This seems like a card I'd be happy to play in EDH, but I don't currently have a deck that would make a good home for it.

I'm not the slightest bit surprised at the outcome of the war. We all knew Phyrexia would win - those who sided with the Mirrans are contrarions or just delusional. This "surprise" was the biggest letdown in recent Magic history. Lame. Still, I prefer this outcome to Mirran victory. Bringing back Phyrexia for one little block would not have been worth it.

I am, however, surprised that the above card is a rare, not a mythic. I expected the Praetor cycle to be all mythical and shit, so it's kinda nice to see WotC pulling back from the Mythics a bit and making a cycle of cool legends at Rare. I'll tentatively congratulate them for this move based on one of the cycle, but I reserve the right to retract this statement once the rest of the Praetors are revealed.

EDIT: Thanks to a shitty lap monitor with bad color settings, I thought this guy was Rare, not Mythic. Looking at it on a real man's desktop monitor shows it clearly is Mythic. Oh well, I figured it was too good to be true. (Thanks for the tip, Andy!)

As long as Sheoldred is playable, I will be happy.


  1. Ooow i so love the art of elesh norn ^^ cant wait till they reveal Sheoldred too XD

  2. The artwork for Sheoldred is pretty sick, I just hope her cost/abilities do that artwork justice.