Monday, July 25, 2011

Maintain Radio Silence, Await Further Orders

Content is going to be sparse at best for the forseable future. I am moving from a house into an apartment in less than a week, so the next two weeks will be busy with packing, moving and then unpacking... Then, after that, we'll be going through the nightmarish hell that is selling a house. We can't afford a realtor, so we're selling it ourselves. It's going to suck.

Once the move is complete, I should be able to generate SOME content, though depending on how much stress and work selling a house turns out to be, it may be pretty desolate around here for some time.

I am NOT giving up on the Blog, and I WILL return as soon as possible, and if I can at all manage it, I will provide some minor updates even during these hectic times.

At the very WORST I will be back in time for the Innistrad EDH Set Review, but I will make every effort to resume posting even sooner. For the next two weeks, though, expect nothing and you'll not be disappointed.

For now, I do have two deck-building-related things planned.

First, I am going to retool my Oros Equipment deck into a Jor Kadeen deck. With Kaalia, I don't realy need two WBR decks, so one must go. I've enjoyed the Oros Equipment deck, though, and conversion to a Jor Kadeen deck should make for a very similar deck overall, plus it gives me a valid reason to play Myr Battlesphere in a deck!

Second, I'm brewing a very mean Grand Arbiter Agustin deck. It's not going to be anything you haven't seen before, if you've seen a GAAIV deck. I have little new to bring to the archetype, but the archetype itself will be new to my playgroup. I have been a fan of Augustin for a long while, though never found a use for him. Well, recently my group decided to open the door for countermagic in our EDH decks. I'm not a fan of this decision, so I'm just going to take that as permission to build a rather rude deck I've wanted to make for a long time. I have resisted the temptation because I didn't want to be a dick to my group. Playing counterspells, though, sends the message loud and clear: they don't care if they're dicks to me, so I will treat them in kind.

If I have time to build, I'll have time to blog. So, even though I haven't really nailed down when, exactly, I'll be able to perform these deckbuilding activities, once I do, I will break my silence to post my lists... After that, depending on how things go with the house I may resume normal updates, or go back to semi-hiatus until the house is sold. We'll just see how it goes.

Please be patient, and check back every now and then, cause I promise that I am not gone for good... just very busy with Life at the moment...

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  1. Good Luck with your move! Keep posting (when you have time)

    Can't wait to see more of your thoughts on Jor Kadeen!