Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Attractions

So I'm in a period of not-building right now. I have six assembled EDH decks and I happen to enjoy them all very much. I want to build more, but having too many decks at once tends to result in the ones built later having somewhat poorer card choices, as I start having to dredge up some alternatives to my first-choice inclusions, if I'm using all my other copies.

Nonetheless, content must flow and I admit to having been a little lax in updating recently. I'm putting in a lot of overtime at work and also busy at home with various things. But not to worry! I've got a brand-new spiral notebook and I've been filling it up with ideas all week.

Even if I don't actually build some of these decks, I can post theoretical lists, and can reference them later on when I finally get tired of some of the current decks in my stable. So, here's a breif list of ideas I'm mulling over right now.

Disclaimer: Many of these are inspired by various forum-goers or the other folks I play with regularly. If and when I use and idea I shamelessly plagiarized I will give credit where it is due.

1. Ruhan of the Fomori - Fusing a Giant Tribal theme onto a bit of a Voltron strategy. I've seen Ruhan lists do both ideas before, but I want to try to come up with a list that does both well, that way the deck is strong in both multiplayer and 1v1.

2. Jhoira of the Ghitu - After my Nin, the Pain Artist deck idea fell apart, someone on the forums suggested Jhoira would be a better general for the deck I had in mind. I'd love to still make the deck but I'm kinda reeling from the epic failure that was the initial Nin build, and thus a bit gun-shy to start working on this deck again immediately. Soon, though. Definitely soon.

3. Geist of Saint Traft - I envision a WU Control with a mid-range Voltron strategy as the primary win condition. Basically this would be a slower, more controlling version of the Rafiq deck. I'd almost certainly have to take Rafiq apart to build this. That shouldn't be a problem, but I just love Rafiq so damn much.

4. Kaarthus, Tyrant of Jund - Nothing new here. Just good stuff and dragons. I'm fine with not thinking outside the box here, because I just never really play Jund. It'd be new to me! I considered Kresh or even revisting the slightly disappointing Sek'Kuar ideas, but fuck it, Kaarthus is just BETTER!

5. Argus Kos, Wojek Veteran - Jor Kadeen is an immensly fun deck, but I really wanted that deck to have a sub-theme of "War" or "Battle", with cards like Glory of Warfare and Crescendo of War. Just dudes and things that pump dudes. I didn't really have room for all that, though, with the need to include more artifacts for the Metalcraft ability on Jor. Once I get tired of Jor Kadeen, I want to build this.

6. Jenara, Asura of War - I don't really plan on building this list myself, but a friend of mine has a Rhys the Redeemed token deck, and I kinda feel like adding blue would be a boon to his deck. It'd improve his card-drawing and card selection dramatically, plus Blue has exciting things like Spitting Image and Rite of Replication.

7. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV - Another deck I don't actually want to build, but I want to put up some sort of list for future reference, in case things deteriorate to the point where such an obnoxious deck is a valid response. Hopefully the mere threat of this deck will be enough to keep my playgroup casual.

8. Kaervek, the Merciless - All out greifer, a deck that just says "fuck you" to my opponents. Probably almost as offensive and asshole-ish as GAAIV, but it seems way more fun to play.

9. Stonebrow, Krosan Hero - I was dismayed to learn that I don't have a single deck right now that can play Kessig Wolf Run. This is probably the most exciting deck on the list to me right now, and as I don't have a deck currently running Red and Green, all my R/G duals are up for grabs. I think this is the one deck I could possibly make without having to cannibalize too many cards from other decks to build.

Anyway, I'm doing development work on several of these decks at the moment, via pen and paper. Once I have something solid to build from, I'll write 'em up and post 'em here. They probably won't be finished, formalized decklists, but will be a solid foundation to build upon.


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