Monday, March 26, 2012


After my post a few days ago, wherein I graded each of my current EDH decks on performance, I came to the conclusion that most of my decks were NOT living up to my expectations and it was time to rebuild.

After brainstorming over the weekend, I've come up with the following plan:

1. Three decks will remain in the line-up - Edric, Wrexial and the deck led by Ghost Council.
That W/B deck would undergo some changes and become a Vish Kal deck.
Wrexial remains virtually unchanged, with the exception of a few minor card swaps.
Edric would undergo minor but significant alterations to play better with a stable playgroup.
Instead of being a "super spy" deck, it's more of a "political advantage" deck, but  remains roughly the same deck overall.

2. Four new decks will be added to the roster - Agrus Kos, Jenara, Sedris and Rith.

Agrus Kos will be a "Battle and Warfare" theme deck, but will largely resemble both the Jor Kadeen and Ruhan decks that I ran before. It will include and Equipment theme with an emphasis on Sunforger and an appropriate package of targets for that powerful Equipment. None of this is groundbreaking or anything, and the deck will simply replace Jor Kadeen's artifacts-matter emphasis with an emphasis on cards like Crescendo of War and Fight to the Death - R/W spells that flavorfully reference battle and Warfare. Expect the Battlecry mechanic to replace Metalcraft.

Jenara will be the Enchantress-themed deck already posted about last week, but it's still undergoing development and revisions. I expect to finish this before I move on to Agrus, but it depends if I can solve the issues I'm currently having with trimming the decklist down to a manageable size.

Sedris will be a bit of a Zombie tribal deck mixed with an Unearth/Recursion theme, and seeks to exploit the Unearth mechanic's synergy with stuff like River Kelpie and Flayer of the Hatebound. We'll see if I can manage to fit both of these themes into the limited deck space. I'm actually making good progress on this one, so it should be more or less finalized within a few days.

Finally, Rith the Awakener will be a token deck, based off the article I did for Commandercast Crossover Week. A member of my playgroup had an underperforming Rhys the Redeemed token deck that he wanted to improve upon by adding a third color. Brienne of CommanderCast covered adding Blue to the deck, while I worked with Red as the third color. That player ended up doing neither option and built a Grixis deck with Thrax at the helm instead. LOL. So, rather than waste a good idea, I decided to go ahead and sleeve up that Rith token deck, with some updates and changes of course.

There's already a "finished" list on the CC website for the Rith deck, but it was built with my friend's collection in mind, not my own, so I think I probably have the card pool to improve upon that list quite a bit. I'll start working with it as the base as soon as I finish up the other In-Progress lists!

Stay tuned for more lists!

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