Friday, June 1, 2012


I am not doing the remaining three articles on the Planechase II decks. I did the first one with plans to cover all four decks. After starting the articles for two others, I realized my heart just wasn't in it. It is my belief that I only produce readable, worthwhile content when I truly care about what I'm writing.

Thus, I came to the conclusion, after skipping back and forth between the Devour deck and the Cascade deck, that I don't actually like any of the Planechase II decks. That's not to say I dislike the overall product; I like almost all of the newly printed cards, and most of the new Planes and Phenomena look quite fun. I can't wait to get my hands on all four Planechase II decks... but I will immediately begin cannibalizing them for cards for decks I actually WANT to play!

I understand that it might be relevant to some readers' interests that I explore ways to tune-up and improve the prepackaged decks without significantly altering the decks' theme or purpose. However, I just don't have enough interest, personally, in doing so.

I apologize if I disappoint anyone by abandoning this project, but since I haven't gotten any comments or feedback on the first article yet, I'm guessing the majority of you will be doing much the same as me: Cannibalizing the good stuff from the decks, and using the Planar cards to supplement your regular multiplayer decks, be they 60-card or EDH format decks.

In other news, I took apart all of my EDH decks earlier this week. I know, I know... some of them barely got a test drive, and many of them just got significant upgrades courtesy of Avacyn Restored. However, I have a variety of reasons for doing this, one of which is a desire to build even more new decks! I am working on Maelstrom Wander list, as well as a Savra, Queen of the Golgari deck. Once I have those two decks up and running, I'll reevaluate the other lists I took apart, and see if I want to reassemble any of them.

In the mean time, I have grown to miss 60-card Magic somewhat, so if my playgroup shows any interest in taking a brief respite from EDH to enjoy some 60-card shenanigans, I will of course share any decklists I come up with here.

This blog was never meant to be 100% dedicated to EDH, although that is my main focus... it's just that once I and one other member of my group introduced EDH to the other members of our group, it kinda took over completely! I was perfectly fine with that for a while, but I do enjoy being able to play 4 copies of something in a deck now and then. So, my plan is to have a smaller stable of EDH decks - at least two but no more than four - so that I have enough of a card pool left over to build some playable 60 card decks.

Anyway, today is of course the release day for Planechase II, so I will be picking up all four decks right after I get off work this evening... 4:30 cannot come fast enough!

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