Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Update

Edit: Just added some Rav shock duals to the binder!

Yesterday, I updated my Trade Binder page, which can be found here.

Will update decklists soon - have to buy some more Gatecrash stuff first. Actually, the first step is to have money. Working on it now. Literally - I am on the clock as I write this post. Shhh... that's between you and me.

Epic game story: Three way game between myself (Edric), vs. The Mimeoplasm and Thraximundar. Game goes on for quite a while, and Mimeo tries to set up a Lab Maniac win, exploiting the hell out of a Greater Good to do so. Thankfully my Scavenging Ooze exiles the Maniac after Thrax kills it. So now most of Mimeo's deck is in his graveyard but he's still got a strong position.

A bunch of big swingy plays get made, but each one gets answered in turn, netting none of us a real advantage for some time. Eventually, Mimeo gets a Kessig Cagebreakers online and wipes out Thraximundar quite definitively.

When Mimeo comes at me with the Cagebreaker and an army of wolves, but I have Evacuation in hand. On my next turn, I use Vendilion Clique to put the Cagebreakers back on bottom of his library, which at this point only has about 5 or 6 cards.

Somewhere around this time, I make a critical error. I had Jace Beleren in play, and at one point I used his -1 ability so that I would draw a card. If I had used his +2 ability instead I almost certainly would have won. But I didn't know that at the time.

Anyway, I play defensively to stay alive and start +2-ing Jace to try and deck Mimeoplasm. He does a bunch of stuff but I defend myself successfully, and I start to realize that the only card he has left that can beat me is the Cagebreaker, which is his last card. He also has Lightning Greaves in play, so I have a very narrow window to answer them when they finally arrive.

I need to topdeck any Fog effect, Bribery, or anything that will kill the Greaves. So I have about 6 or 7 cards I could top deck that would automatically win me the game. I'm playing Edric, too, so I am going to be drawing extra cards each turn.

In the end, he manages to draw the last card in his Library, which we both know is the Cagebreakers. I have not topdecked any of the possible outs, so I try to bluff him into making a misplay. I count my mana in several different ways and act like I'm trying to figure out a sequence of plays and it stresses my opponent out badly... but he knows that there is EXACTLY one play he can possibly make to win - ANY other play and he loses. So he has no choice but to call my bluff and attacks for well above lethal with about 26 Wolves, plus the Cagebraker.

He wins the game with ZERO cards left in his Library. It was an epic and well-deserved win, and the last 3 or 4 turns we were both on the edge of our seats. Ultimately I was a bit upset to realize that the one and only time I was "selfish" with my Jace cost me the game, but the last leg of that game was so damned intense that I can't realy complain. Losing to Kessig Cagebreakers of all things is a pretty cool way to lose. You don't see that one coming... except when you do.

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