Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Zero to Sixty: Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

   Welcome to the next installment of Zero to Sixty. Today's topic should be fairly brief, as we're covering R/G Werewolves. The problem is, this isn't a very deep pool to draw from, so the choices are all probably quite obvious. So, I'll just start with the list, and go from there.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

3x Reckless Waif
2x Wolfbitten Captive
3x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Kruin Outlaw
2x Daybreak Ranger
4x Immerwolf
2x Instigator Gang
1x Mondronen Shaman
3x Master of the Wild Hunt
1x Huntmaster of the Fells

3x Prey Upon
4x Moonmist
4x Full Moon's Rise

3x Rootbound Crag
3x Stomping Ground
4x Kazandu Refuge
1x Kessig Wolf Run
6x Mountain
7x Forest

   The main thing to address is the wonky numbers. Basically, I was trying to massage the numbers into something resembling an actual mana curve, while simultaneously building to my available collection. This isn't the ideal 60 I'd envisioned, but it already runs a fair shake better than I thought it would. It's hardly competitive, but it held it's own in 1v1 casual quite surprisingly well.

   First, the mana base - clearly I was working with what I had, but it's a solid start. With only 5 one-drops (not counting Prey Upon because it's useless Turn 1), the Refuges are much less of a liability than you'd assume, but I'd still rather have Fire-Lit Thickets in their place. Also, increasing Wolf Run to 2x, while finding the 4th copies of the two other dual lands would be great. But the mana base is actually serviceable as-is.

   The Spells category didn't take much thought, but I really do want that 4th Prey Upon... just not sure how to make room for it. Moonmist and Full Moon's Rise have been solid, so they need to stay at 4x.

     Moving on to the creatures, the first thing to note is that I have 7 four-drops. So far that's not been a problem, but it's a little top heavy. The Masters of the Wild Hunt are basically place-holders for Huntmaster of the Fells - once rotation tanks the price on Huntmasters, I'm definitely going for a full 4x on those.

   I really like Mondronen Shaman and Instigator Gang both, and I keep flip-flopping on which I'd rather have. Ultimately, as aggressive as this deck is, I think Instigator Gang gets the nod. I think I ultimately will just cut the Shaman for a cheaper guy and leave the 2x Gang in. You'll likely have noticed I only have 3x Mayor of Avabruck... that's definitely a high priority to have 4x as well.

   Finally, I'd love to have 4x Reckless Waif, but I like Wolfbitten Captive enough for now to leave him in. But I could see the list eventually looking somewhere close to this:

4x Reckless Waif
4x Mayor of Avabruck
4x Kruin Outlaw
4x Daybreak Ranger
4x Immerwolf
2x Instigator Gang
4x Huntmaster of the Fells

4x Prey Upon
4x Moonmist
4x Full Moon's Rise

4x Stomping Ground
4x Rootbound Crag
3x Fire-lit Thicket
2x Kessig Wolf Run

5x Mountain
6x Forest

... or something like that. As shallow as the Werewolf pool is, in terms of quantity, the quality is just deep enough that even running all the obvious stuff, there still isn't quite room for all the things I want. That said, I still can't wait for "Return to Innistrad" so we can have a lot more room for customization and innovation in the R/G Werewolf archetype.