Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Journey Into Nyx EDH Set Review, Part 1: White

Welcome back, folks. Another Magic set, another review. That's right, we're back to the original EDH set review here at The Command Zone. Journey to Nyx, the final set in the Theros block, is nearly upon us. So, let's not waste any more time, shall we?


To fragile to offer any real protection in EDH. Better off with Ivory Mask if you want this sort of effect.
 Playable, but not great. GAAIV decks will probably want this, but they also tend to play lots of sweepers.
 Cool card. Not really EDH material, but it could get played in GW token decks with Gaea's Cradle.
Neat. Kinda durdly, but a somewhat splashy effect with Flash might make the cut in some aggro decks.
I love me some Doublestrike, but this, like most Strive cards, is way to expensive to really be that good.
Very playable as a utility card. If you have lots of Gods running around your meta, this is a sure thing. If not, you may be better off with Return to Dust for the card advantage, but this could be a Sunforger package card.
Oblivion Ring is strictly better because of the loop hole where you could perma-exile something, and it didn't get much play.
 Very interesting. No doubt a solid pick for Echantress decks. Might also be playable in pillowfort decks with lots of Propaganda-like enchantments.
A bit overcosted, but fine. Definitely good enough to low-powered or very casual groups. I'd rather have Oblation if you're looking for tuck. Would definitely play in Giants Tribal.
Great reprint from Alliances. Solid removal spell. Of course it's competing with Swords/Path and it doesn't quite measure up. But it's still good.
Wow. That's quite a Mythic there. Still not as good as the Swords of Stuff and Junk, but I have to say this is pretty sexy. Don't really know where to put this, in terms of EDH. It's kind of a generic Good Stuff piece of equipment, which I am fine with, but as good as the abilities are, they don't really scream "Put me in Deck Y!"

But it's a solid card, and should get played SOMEWHERE.
 Mediocre at best, but possibly playable in the right deck.
Again, I really love me some Double Strike, but I'd have to be pretty hard up for choices to play this. I'd draft the shit out of it, though.

That's it for White. Very underwhelming, in my opinion. Godsend is uber-sexy but doesn't really call out to be played in any specific archetype. More of a good stuff filler card, but a really good one at that. Beyond that, we get a couple of solid removal/utility spells and not much else.


  1. Godsend is definitely a card that Kemba wants. Might even make me rebuild that deck. Shame about the white color identity, otherwise Mirri the Cursed would get it too.

    1. Yeah, I can see that. I originally thought I wanted it for my Aurelia deck which is very all-in on the "Equipment matters" thing, but there it has to compete with all 5 swords of stuff and junk, Jitte, and a several other insanely powerful Equipment. I can't remember if I'm still running Batterskull in that deck, but if I am, Godsend will definitely replace that. If I'm not running it anymore, then I just don't see how I'll fit it in.