Thursday, May 1, 2014

Journey Into Nyx EDH Set Review, Part 5: Green

Big, dumb monsters incoming! That's right, it's the Green portion of our set review.


Odd card. Probably not terribly useful.
Generic Limited Uncommon #23...
Definitely playable in Echantress decks, maybe pillow fort decks as well. Nice little bit of card advantage and recovery.
Horribly expensive for what it does. Pass.
Chameleon Colossus's big brother. Same basic stats, but this guy STAYS big. Nice.
Neat. Probably fine for mono-green. Probably not for multi-color decks. 
Unlike the other symmetrical cards in this cycle, I don't think Flash is enough to offset this symmetry. Giving your opponents double their mana is, to put it bluntly, suicidal.
More Limited junk.
 Wow, that's bad!
Holy balls the upside on this guy is badass. The downside is that it'll cost you infinity mana to get there.
Centaur tribal gettin' some love. Nothing wrong with that.
Possibly good removal option for mono-Green?
Awesome art.
God, why does every mechanic in this block cost all the mana ever?
Not bad. Call me old-fashioned, but I like my Enchantresses to cost 3 mana, though. Still playable.

Man, still nothing particularly awesome or exciting. Playable, sure, but not terrific. Almost at the home stretch folks. One more to go!


  1. It's hard to say which I like more in Chameleon Colossus vs. Heroes' Bane...

    +Pro Black
    +Changeling (can probably do some shenanigans with that)

    +Permanent Buffing
    +Uses +1/+1 counters (for Vorel and Doubling Season Shenanigans)

    1. Overall I like Bane better, but I forgot about Colossus being pro-black. That seems relevant. Still, perma-buff is too sexy to resist.