Saturday, July 9, 2016

It is Finished!

Alright, folks, it's done. All 24 of my decklists are now in the sidebar, and are up to date. I'll make a real effort to keep them updated as I make changes to my decks.

I have a deck for each color or color combination, aside from mono-White. I still have no idea what I want to do for White, nothing really inspires me. A friend of mine has recently build a "Keyword Tribal" deck with the new Odric at the helm and it's pretty impressive, but now it feels like if I built my own version it would just be the same deck, maybe with a slight boost in card quality. I don't really have anything unique to bring to the table there.

Either Thalia would be a different approach than the usual White Weenie or aggro approach, but would also be very similar to my recently-built Grand Arbiter deck.

Guess I'll just stick with the 24 decks I've got until that "Ah ha!" moment of inspiration hits me.


  1. No colorless or 5 color deck either?

    My current Mono-White deck is looking like it will be an angel/human synergy deck. I've seen some eight and a half tails decks that were pretty good.

    I think the key for you will be proving that white isn't as bad as you suspect it to be.

  2. Nah, I've yet to see a colorless deck that looks fun, and I get my 5-color fix from a "Big Highlander" deck I maintain that is 250-cards, and between it and all the two-and-three color decks, I am pretty well out of good dual lands. To support a 5-color EDH I'd have to scrap my big highland, which I don't want to do.

    Now that I mention it, I should probably do a post on my big highlander. I don't play it often, but it's about 80% foiled out, so it's my baby.

  3. Wow, nice work! I'm particularly happy to see the sea monsters you've integrated in Teferi since 2014. :)

    That said, you have such a large stable of decks, how do you manage to decide which ones you're taking with you?

    Concerning your missing white deck, I concur. Waiting until a white legend clicks with you is the way to go.
    Personally, I have a monopoly white tribal angels deck helmed by Avacyn (or Radiant if the angel of hope proves to be too strong for the table) and it's really fun to play.

    1. Fortunately, most of my Magic games take place in my house. My house is usually the default hang-out spot for get-togethers with our friends. But, when I do travel, all 24 decks fit nicely into two Shadows of Innistrad gift boxes.

      I keep all my dice and counters and whatnot in a velvet Tito's Handcrafted Vodka pouch that came with a bottle of their yummy vodka.

      And then I have a couple of trade binders. It's a lot to lug around. Sometimes I might just take one box, and leave the other one at home to make it easier. How I decide is generally just kind of "what am I in the mood to play" tempered with "what have I played recently". I try to give my opponents and myself a good variety so even my stronger/meaner decks don't become stale.

      Another factor is, which deck or decks have gotten new toys or been tinkered with recently. If I put 4 or 5 new cards into a deck, I get pretty excited to try it out.