Friday, August 6, 2010

FNM Tourney report 08/06/10

Small turnout tonight, as GenCon is going on. Lame. Oh well. Anyway, before the tournament started I swapped out the last two Sea Gate Oracles still in the deck for two Fauna Shamans. I don't have the Vengevines but I still figured it couldn't hurt to have a way to turn a late-game BoP into a more useful threat such as Baneslayer or Sovereigns. Finding Sovereigns more consistently can only help, right?

So like I said, small turnout, and not a great deal to report, but I had a few epic games.

Round 1: Up against Mono-red, I lose game one due to a combination of an explosive hand on my opponent's side of the board vs. my really, really slow hand. If he'd been dumb enough to let my Noble Heirarch live, I'd still have been just fine and dandy, but I really needed that mana and he knew it.
    Game two was a tough battle, but Jace 2.0 and a single Dragon Claw kept my head just above water. I stabilized at 2 life and then got a one-shot kill with Rafiq + Conscription. That might have been game three, actually. Don't remember. I know I won both games with Conscription (big surprise), but details are a bit fuzzy. The one detail I do remember is that I was at 2 or 3 life when I won those games, so it was a very close match.

Round 2: Ugh, paired against Chad. He's playing the R/G Eldrazi deck that he played to help me test my Bant deck originally... I destroyed him then, and my deck is even better now, so he just conceded the match on the spot so we could play EDH instead.

Round 3: Daniel with a sort of W/U control, I guess. Not the standard net-deck variety, I don't think. Anyway, it was an uphill battle. It seemed hopeless for me when he dropped a Mystifying Maze. That seemed the perfect foil for my Conscription plan. However, I drew into a Finest Hour which was the perfect foil to his perfect foil. He could stop ONE Conscription but to follow it up with a second one in the same turn? Yeah, that was a bit tougher to deal with. So fighting through all that removal and Spreading Seas and what-not, not to mention him getting his Jace out first in one game, it was tough, but I pulled out the miraculous win.

Top 4: Chad again. This time he gives it a go, but his deck fucks him over. My deck performs pretty badly, in one game I had to pitch a Sovereigns to Fauna Shaman to go get a Baneslayer. I had Rafiq out already, but couldn't get through, so I needed a flyer, or a sixth land. I couldn't seem to get the 6th mana, so I finally just cashed in for a BSA and then drew the 6th land immediately after! Go figure. However, BSA + Rafiq was just as much of a problem for him as Sovereigns would have been, and on to Game 2. Game 2 was much the same with my deck drawing poorly and being very, very slow, but somehow his deck managed to be just a tad bit slower still, and I eventually won a match that left both of us rather annoyed with our decks.

Finals was a rematch with Daniel and his WB control deck. It was not a match either of us really wanted to play. Even though I won the first round, and felt I could pull it off again if I had too, it's just more effort and every play requires intense thought to win. Fortunately prize support worked out that we just split for two packs apiece, and we were both glad not to have to play it out all over again.

My packs were TERRIBLE: Clone and a Traumatize.  Ugh. The BEST thing in my packs was a Crystal Ball. Whoopie. Still, it was a good time, and my deck continued to serve me well, even when it drew badly, it managed to not suck TOO much.

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