Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random updates and stuff

So, not a lot going on lately, sorry for the lack of updates.

First up, as for the Tourney reports of late, not much to report on. I am fed up with Type 2 again, and am switching to Drafts on Thursdays at Dragon Crown. I received a sign from God himself that this was the correct move, when I attended my first draft at DC this past Thursday. After receiving my 3 packs, I cracked the first one open to find a nice, shiny FOIL GRAVE TITAN waiting for me! At this point I can already go home happy, as I've paid for my draft thrice over, if not more. But as if that wasn't enough, the Good Lord chose to bestow on me a second gift: A regular Grave Titan. Woot! Not as exciting, but still, $80 worth of goodness for my $15 entry fee?? Sure.

As for the tournament itself, I made it to the finals were we just split. It was a fun draft, though, and marks the first time ever that I lost to a mill deck! Well, I won the match, but Game 1 was turn 2 Jace's Erasure, turn 3 Jace's Erasure, then he just proceeded to draw like 276 cards with a flurry of Forsees, Preordains and Sign in Bloods. Oh, I actually got to PLAY the Titans in my deck, so that was nice.

I just played at the monthly GTS tourney at Dragon Crown. I decided to take Soul Sisters out for a spin, but that deck really sucks. Someone should have told me! I dropped after two rounds of the deck giving me UTTERLY terrible draws. Oh, well, God clearly wants me to stick to limited and who am I to thwart His will.

In other news, Scars of Mirrodin is shaping up to be a really interesting and exciting set. I am eagerly anticipating the Prerelease (more Limited!). I'll do a set review for EDH of course, once the set is spoiled completely, but there are already some very nice-looking cards. Venser, of course will be terrific in many decks. Geth, Lord of the Vault in particular is VERY awesome, and I can't wait to throw him in my Thraximundar deck. The Prerelease card, Wurmcoil Engine will be good too.

As for the casual front, I've been playing a variety of deck, most of which I've already posted lists for here. I'm still tweaking my Vampire list for Multiplayer games, and it's getting better but isn't quite ready. Other recent deck attempts haven't panned out too well, so I'll just wait until I get something worth posting.

In EDH, though I have been playing the recently posted Horde of Notions deck pretty exclusively. It's a hella fun deck, and I've been tweaking it quite a bit. The biggest and most awesome change, though is the inclusion of this little combo: Conflux + Show and Tell. So far I haven't actually NEEDED to resolve Conflux. Simply announcing it and tapping my mana (leaving three mana up for the Show and Tell) is enough to draw immediate concessions.

I'll continue tweaking the list and post a revision soon. I just wrote down a few ideas for things I want to try to work into the deck. Once I'm done playing around with it, I'll post the final list.

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