Monday, April 25, 2011

New Phyrexian Round-up

So my NPH set review took a staggering 7 parts to complete. To make it easy on folks, I'm adding an 8th post - this one - simply to provide handy links to each of the other parts.

       New Phyrexia EDH Set Review

Special Thanks

I have corrected some errors and revised comments with help and feedback from the forums and I wish to thank the following awesome forum-goers:

  • Aggro_zombies
  • Filth
  • Joz
  • ludd_gang
  • yawg07



  1. Torpor Orb is very good in MBC, MWC and MUC decks running control spells; and a limited number of ETB triggers (usualy duplicant, clone and a very small number of other creatures.)

    Torpor Orb hoses green however; it also will hose Clique; and many mulitcolor decks. So think of it as a color-specific control card. (anti-green/red)

  2. You mighty also want to take a look at my own review of the set:

    its short and to the point; but it covers ever card spoiled.

  3. Fair enough, but it also hoses EVERY DECK I RUN, so yeah... Torpor Orb is just a card that, if it gets adopted by my playgroup, would force me to completely overhaul every single deck I have. I really like my decks, so I'm not too keen on having to do that.

  4. Finally found time to check out your review, btw. We definitely line up on most cards, Torpor Orb being the obvious stand-out for polar opposites of opinion.

    The more I think about it, I really expect Praetor's Grasp will go UP in price - perhaps I should pre-order them while they're reasonable?