Friday, September 30, 2011

Grocery List

UPDATE: I managed to get just about everything on my list - only Liliana remains. I will have to trade for one, or sell a couple of my high-value rares. As for the Nin deck, it's not coming together the way I'd hoped. I'm thinking of scrapping that and going Red/Black instead... not sure yet.

Well, it's Friday. September 30th. The day Innsitrad becomes available for purchase. Sweet!

I have used my limited Excel skills to compile a list of all of the Innistrad cards I want for the decks I currently have together, as well as a Nin, the Pain Artist deck that will be my next project.

This has given me a list of the cards that I need to buy in order to have everything I need for all my decks, so that I don't wind up buying a bunch of stuff that I think is really cool, but then don't have a deck to put it in. I definitely want couple of Bloodgift Demons and a Balefire Dragon or two... at some point down the road. But for now, I don't have a deck to put either of them in, so I would like to prioritize purchases that will go into decks immediately, or those cards that are needed in order for me to build the Nin deck I'm working on.

If I'm just going to stick it into my binder for future use, I can just wait and buy it later. Here is the list of what I need immediately:

Geist of Saint Traft
Grimoire of the Dead
* Liliana of the Veil *
Olivia Voldaren
Past in Flames
Blaspehmous Act x2
Bloodline Keeper
Cackling Counterpart x3
Charmbreaker Devils
Clifftop Retreat
Curse of Stalked Prey
Evil Twin x2
Falkenrath Marauders
Hinterland Harbor
Isolated Chapel
Mentor of the Meek x2
Nephalia Drownyard
Parallel Lives
Runechanter's Pike
Skrisdag High Priest
Snapcaster Mage x2
Stensia Bloodhall
Stromkirk Noble
Sulfur Falls x2
Undead Alchemist
Woodland Cemetery 
Trepanation Blade
Desperate Ravings
Falkenrath Noble
Intangible Virtue
Make a Wish
Rakish Heir
Runic Repetition

This will satisfy all of my needs for currently-built decks, plus the Nin deck that will be built over the course of this weekend. Hopefully tonight, but we'll see.

I  am a bit dismayed to see a Liliana and TWO Snapcaster Mages on the list, as those are two of the most expensive cards in the set.

On the flip side, I'm relieved that MOST of the other stuff I want is pretty cheap, even Olvia Voldaren isn't all that high anymore. And I don't need quite as many of the new dual lands as I feared, so they shouldn't be too problematic to acquire.

I'm  buying a box and a fat pack, in hopes that I can open the high-end stuff and maybe a cool foil that I can trade. I also have two Vendilion Cliques for trade, which I forgot to bring to work with me... so I'll have to wait to trade those later. Oh well. I guess if I fail to open a Liliana, I can wait a bit, and trade or sell my Cliques to help me acquire one later.


  1. I have two of the mythics (geist and past) and a couple other things on the list. Maybe I will see you out this weekend.

  2. Sorry I missed you, Trey! I was up there for a couple hours on Friday, but didn't make it back in after that. I did get everything on my list, except for Liliana, though.