Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Innistrad EDH Set Review, Part 2: Blue

Blue: now with more Science!

Wondered when they'd get around to finding a way to give creatures "Flashback"... oh wait, wasn't Unearth kinda like flashback-for-creatures? Well, anyway, exiling my own creatures isn't a cost I'm willing to pay, but if you aren't a reanimation-whore like me, this could be pretty potent. But, it seems less like a generically good card than a card you'd want if you had very specific tricks in mind.

Personally, I think Mimic Vat just puts this to shame.

Damn good spell! Very good. The drawback of only being able to copy your own creatures is somewhat limiting, but for a 3-mana Instant, this just rules. Flashback is a nice bonus, but a bit overcosted on that end. Still EDH is the one format where 7-mana isn't a dealbreaker. I can see this one being widely played.

This is one of those cards I feel like I'm supposed to like, but I just can't seem to. It just seems to "spike" to me. No matter how powerful the effect might be, the downside of having to pitch the rest of the cards just makes it un-fun to me. Also, the flashback cost is just a bit too high to make it particularly exciting. I just can't picture any deck where I'd rather run this over Deep Analysis.

I'm not the expert on countermagic, but with the discard effect tacked on this seems fairly playable. Dunno. I might consider it for Wrexial, if I were the countermagic type.
Definitely good enough for Rafiq, though currently I'm running Blighted Agent in the slot this guy would inhabit. I'd rather have the Infect guy, but if there ever comes a time where I no longer want Infect in the deck, this guy will definitely be getting Blighted Agent's spot. I can also see this guy going into Edric decks.
In case Rite of Replication targeting Consecrated Sphinx isn't already broken enough to win you the game... also, Leveler combo. That is all.
 Seems slightly useful, either as graveyard hate or to recycle your own stuff.
Cool card. I like it. Don't have a use for it though. Wrexial is the obvious place, at least amongst my stable of decks, but I keep thinking that there's really not much to recommend this guy over, say, Nemesis of Reason... I'll probably try him out anyway, but I just don't know. I think it's best to just wait and see how this guy plays out.
I like to style myself a clever, creative deckbuilder. I have no clue what the f*** to do with this guy, though. Seems like setting up a huge Living Death is the only real use, but there are easier ways to accomplish that goal. I expect this to be very, VERY narrowly played, pretty much only by hardcore Johnny Combo-Player types.
Thraximundar is now a Tier 1 General? Perhaps. Mwah ha ha ha!
Woah! Yes, please! Now they just need to print some better Blue/Black flashback stuff for my Wrexial deck. Anyway, it might be hard to find enough Flashback stuff that you'd actually want to play, but if you do, this is definitely a must-run.

God, the Blue mythics in this set are awful! Nuking my own graveyard is not something I'm willing to do for a marginal 5/6 Flyer.

Okay, now we're talking; this guy friggin rules! Not surprising for an Invitational card. I love this card to death already and it will be widely played, I'm almost positive. Get 'em before they skyrocket in price. Seems tailor-made for Wrexial, but I think he'll be good almost anywhere you put him.

 Hmm. I won't say it's fantastic, but I do really like the design here. It's hard to believe they haven't paired these two abilities together until now, but it make sense. It seems like the kind of card a designer turns in and the Lead says "wait, isn't this a reprint of something? No? You sure? Huh..."

Anyway, not going to wow most players but I'll probably be shoehorning this into all kinds of decks regardless.

Man, this guy should have been the mythic, not Mirror-Mad Phantasm. Oh well, that works to our advantage, cause he'll be cheaper. Anyway, I am a big fan, and I think he'll have a fairly good chance to see some play in the format. He's a natural fit for Wrexial and similar decks where milling is a goal but not necessarily the main win-condition. You probably won't deck anyone with him, but usually that's not the point. Usually you just want to fill up some graveyards so you can exploit them as a resource. The best part is that he provides some defense by cranking out 2/2 zombies in the process.

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