Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Night Magic, EDH Style

Here's something I don't often do here at the Command Zone. Post game reports!
I played 4 games last night, and thought I'd share the account of those games for whatever reason.

Game 1 - I played Gisela, my opponents played Kaalia of the Vast and I don't remember the other deck.
Kaalia dropped into play large, scary creatures. Me and the other guy couldn't answer Kaalia or the other giant things fast enough. Game pretty much ended when I had no choice but to Wheel of Fortune to try and find a Wrath effect. I did find a sweeper, but I also Wheeled the Kaalia player into his Griselbrand. Game ended very shortly thereafter. Obviously, Kaalia won.

Game 2 - I played Gisela again, Opponents were Thraximundar and Thalia.
Got off to an aggro start with some Doublestrike + Sword of Stuff and Junk action, and quickly seemed to be owning their faces. Thalia makes my life miserable, though, by dropping first Thalia and then Aura of Silence, so now all my Equipment cost 3 extra, AND he has the option to blow up one peice at any time. Then, as if that's not enough, he Oblivion Rings my Sword of Feast and Famine and then drops Dispeller's Capsule too! Holy artifact hate, Batman! Things start to head south for me, and I can't draw creatures for a while. I have to cast Gisela as it's my only play whatsoever. Then Thraxi finds himself needing cards too, so he has to Time Spiral, which gives us all new hands. I get some goodies, but most of my next couple of plays get answered before they do anything, and so I just drop Inferno Titan using his damage spray to wipe out most of Thalia's blockers and hit Thalia for 10 with Gisela. The turns go around and on my next turn, I still somehow have Gisela and the Titan both, so I send Gisela at Thalia again (he's at 7), and give my Inferno Titan doublestrike with Sunhome and +2/+0 with Slayer's Stronghold, using his damage spray to take out Thraxi's only blocker and deal 32 straight to his face (Inferno Titan was 8/6, had Double Strike and Gisela was still in play, so... 32!) Gisela wins!

Game 3 - I played Sedris. Opponents were Thrax and Edric.
Thrax got off to a sick start with massive amounts of artifact mana. He cast Blatant Thievery with three mana still open while I only have 5 lands in play! Ouch. He took my Endless Ranks of the Dead, and Edric's Edric! Fortunately, Thrax didn't have any Zombies except his general, so he never made tokens, but he kept me from making tokens, so it was worth it. With Thrax in control of Edric, the Edric player and I just attacked each other with little guys to draw cards, trying to dig for answers and mostly kept Thrax in check. Then, Edric player dropped a Symbiotic Wurm, followed up on the next turn by a Rite of Replication. Suddenly it was no longer me and Edric vs Thrax, it was now me and Thrax vs Edric! I drop Warstorm Surge and a dork to block with. Thrax pulls of a dream turn, attacking Edric for 2 in the air with a Vampire Nighthawk, then casting Damnation to clear the board. But Edric gets 42 Insect tokens off his six dead Wurms, so Thraxi then casts Black Sun's Zenith for 1 to wipe out those insects. Edric is now at 26 life - this is critical! On his turn he Regrowth's for the Wurm and recasts the Wurm and something else, passes. I go, drawing for the turn then immediately casting Army of the Damned for thirteen 2/2 Zombies, using Warstorm Surge to deal exactly 26 damage straight to Edric.
Unfortunately, Thraxi drops Liliana Vess and then casts Jokulhaups leaving the board completely empty, save his Liliana and my Warstorm Surge. I have a couple of cheap creatures and a land in my hand, so I think I'm good, but Thrax uses even MORE artifact mana to get ahead and chips away at my hand by +1-ing Liliana. I fail to find a land in the next few turns and scoop. FUCK YOU JOKULHAUPS!
Still, I got to pull of the Army of the Damned + Warstorm Surge trick, which was neat.

Game 4 - I played Wrexial, opponents were Ghave and Thalia again.
I start off alright, but turn 2 Thalia slows me down horribly. I have Barter in Blood, but by the time I have the 5 mana to cast it, Thalia has 4 dudes out. So I just play blockers to stave off early assaults and then drop Consecrated Sphinx to help dig for more land. Finally I hit 9 friggin mana, and cast Decree of Pain, drawing a fuck ton of cards, and I luckily have the Reliquary Tower in play, so I get to spend the rest of the game playing with a 15 to 20 card hand!
For all the good that does me, though, as I can't draw any more answers at all, and just draw some discard and more card-draw spells. Ghave is in top-deck mode, so the discard spells are all useless. He's making tokens so stuff like Barter in Blood and Fleshbag Marauder only prove minor annoyances and slow him only slightly. Also, thanks to some questionable threat assessment, Thalia's doing more to hamper ME than he is Ghave, who is CLEARLY taking over the game. But for whatever faulty reasoning, I'm at 11 life while Ghave's still in mid to high 30's. Thalia finally realizes I'm NOT the one he should be worried about, but even after Body Double-ing my Consecrated Sphinx, I only draw into my next board sweeper on Ghave's turn, right as he's about to kill me. I know I'm dead on the board tapped out, and Ghave has the win on the table, so I just tell Thalia to show me his hand. He doesn't, at first, but I'm like dude, trust me, I'm your only hope. He shows me a hand full of really good spells and creatures, all of which are absolutely 100% irrelevant at the moment, so I take a peek at the top card of his library - also useless, and scoop, telling Ghave "you've already got me dead to rights, so just kill him and get out of here so I can go to sleep". It was nearly 5:00 am, so I was ready for bed! Thalia accuses me of being a dick for scooping like that, but I assure him that he was 100% absolutely guaranteed to lose. He tries to ward off Ghave's attack this turn, but on drawing his next card he realizes I was right and forgives me for scooping. He looks at the next couple of cards to see if my speed-bumping Ghave for one turn might have made a difference... it wouldn't have.

Then I kicked everyone out and went to bed at about 5:00 this morning. It was fun, though.

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