Monday, May 28, 2012

Roll Chaos - More Planechase Spoilers

The entire Planechase II set has now been officially spoiled, so I am going to wrap up these spoiler/review posts for the new cards and planes in the next post or two. Then, I'm going to dig into the actual decklists and see what PC2 has to offer besides a bunch of new EDH cards.

First up, let's get the remaining few new "regular" cards out of the way.

Well, he's no Siege-Gang Commander, but for an uncommon, he does a pretty good impression. Plus, he's four power for 4 mana in red, which is very efficient for a Red creature. Not likely to be an EDH staple anytime soon, but reasonable for a Goblin tribal deck or a token deck.

Skullclamp, meet Brindle Shoat.
Like the goblin above, this guy is probably too overpowered to print in a normal Magic set, yet still weighs in as underpowered for EDH purposes. Still, he makes perfect sense in the deck he's in - he's a creature you absolutely don't mind Devouring.

Nice. Not a bad deal at all. A 2/2 for two, that a simple Rancor or something turns into a Force of Nature. Very cool. Not overly powerful, but certainly playable in the right deck. The only issue is that token decks want him the most, but those rarely run Auras. I could easily put him in my Jenara deck, which is loaded with Auras, but then the tokens are kinda irrelevant. 

Bam! This packs a nice punch. Of course, as a six-mana Aura, it damn well better pack a punch. No one is going to want to tap six and risk a two-for-one against them if the risk involved didn't also pay out a nice reward. I think this compares favorably to it's closest peer: Pollenbright Wings. That one was a card I always appreciated for its effect, but never felt like the risk/reward ratio was entirely worth it. I plan to give this one a shot, at least, before I dismiss it, but usually Aura's that cost more than three need to either be a Control Magic variant or Eldrazi Conscription. We'll see.

Sweet. A perfect blend between Threaten and Blatant Thievery. It's going to be tricky to play, because to get the most bang for your buck, you really need to time this so that all three (or however many) opponents have a creature worth stealing, and that none of them have sac outlets open (such as Greater Good or High Market). Still, that this has the potential to be an almost-Insurrection for five mana makes it highly appealing. Very cool design.

Meh. Not very interesting, for EDH at least. It's cool, but just too small of an effect to really matter most of the time. I could see it in a very limited number of decks, but it's just not very good.

I can't tell if this guy is really good or really bad. Guess it all depends on what you intend to do with him. Putting him in a Momir Vig deck seems good. I could see him in an Edric deck too. Meh.

Well that's it for the normal-size cards. Tomorrow we'll pick up with the remaining Planar cards to review, then delve into the decklists.


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