Friday, January 25, 2013

Gatecrash EDH Set Review Part 7: R. G, A, L

More of the Guildless...

The first line is just sexy. The second line considerably less so... As a budget alternative to Urabrask, I'd still prefer Anger or even Fervor, and definitely In the Web of War.

That said, I don't think there's a mono-Red goblins deck out there that would shy away from this. Certainly Krenko will have a blast.
4 damage is probably overkill to kill a bunch of saproling or plant tokens. Still, as a potentil 50-for-1 in Red it's a good metagame option if you find yourself getting overrun by Centaur, Beast or Angel tokens.
The Red member of the cycle is arguably the weakest of the bunch, but yet it still manages to be very swingy and very powerful indeed.  I've been getting a lot of good mileage out of Mass Mutiny, from the Planechase 2012 decks, and adding a 6/4 Haste to that spell for only 2 mana? Sign me up!
Unless there's a really cheap Enchantment in Dragon's Maze that turns all your lands into Gates, I fear WotC's attempts to make people build around the Gate subtype will die on the vine.
Might be playable if it could hit Creatures too. As-is I don't think it passes muster.
Another brilliant inclusion for goblin swarm decks. I like it. I might play this in Rith, too. Swining with a bunch of 1/1's suddenly becomes a lot more scary!
Limited fodder.
If this was an Instant, it would open up exciting and interesting avenues of play in Multiplayer. As a sorcery, it kinda blows.

Eff you, dragon. I LIKE my Swords of Stuff and Junk, dammit! I hate this card. Seems likely to get played, though, more as a way to hose the guy with all the Equipment, than as an actual alt-win card.
Meh. Should have been an instant.
Playable, but there are better options in green.
Another good reason go go Simic in Limited. For EDH, I'd say this is more of a Skullbriar card. Skullbriar loves him some Trample.
 Acidic Slime and Indrik Stomphowler are both better.
More Simic/Skullbriar tech. Not great, but the occasional Fog effect is not unwarranted. Plus, this can double as removal under the right circumstances.
Fun design, but tragically underpowered.
 Gorgeous art. One of the best in the set. Card is pretty "meh" though.
Clearly the most powerful of the cycle, but also the one I am least interested in playing. The other 4 feel balanced. This one feels unnecessarily over-the-top. Plus it can be used to just blow up lands, which is not cool in my book. I'm definitely playing this guy in Maelstrom Wanderer, but aside from that one deck, I'm not planning to use this.

Despite my feelings, though, I am sure this guy will be a huge staple of the format from now on. Better get used to him.
Fun! Very playable without feeling overpowered. I'm sure this guy will be popping up in various decks. I really want to see this guy and Avatar of Slaughter team up to go aggro on somebody.
As good as Hexproof is, I don't think this has much going for it. Uril certainly doesn't need it. I'll pass on this one.

Copying things is fun! Yes, it can very easily be a dirty combo peice, but it can do really insane things without needing to go infinite.

Definitely a card people will want to play around with and experiment with.

My prediction for the #1 creature most frequently equipped: Kiki-Jiki.
Oh look it hoses Uril, Sigarda and Geist of St Traft. Oh look, all of those decks can run artifact removal. Oh well.

Cute trick, nothing more.

Seems fine. U/B can always use a mana boost, and the unblockable guy synergizes remarkably well with Cypher. One of the better Keyrunes for sure.
 As green has way better ramp options, you'd have to be playing this more for the body. As a 3/2 trampler isn't all that scary in EDH, you'd have to be playing Stonebrow or something. So, sure I'll play this is Stonebrow. Generally, though, I'd look elswhere.
 Not great, but like U/B mana rocks are at a premium due to the lack of proper ramp in those colors. Lifelink is either going to be irrelevant, or highly synergistic, depending on the build.
Yay! Doublestrike! The Boros were criminally shafted on the doublestrike front, but fortunately they came through with their Keyrune. Trouble is, a 1/1 with Doublestrike is going to need a lot of help to not die in combat. Even a 3/3 stops this cold. Fortunately, R/W has plenty of options for boosting this little guy to credible size.
A 2/3 Crap with Hexproof? Seems awfully weak compared to some of the other keyrunes. Definitely not my favorite Keyrune.
As a huge, huge fan of Vesuva, I am obviously also a fan of this card. It might seem worse than Vesuva, but it does have some clear advantages. For one you don't need to wait for a land worth copying to play it. Also it doesn't come into play tapped, and it makes mana inherently. Finally, the ability to change what it's copying later on is a huge upside, despite the costly activation. All told, I think this is actually better than Vesuva, and will likely see even more widespread play.

Get 'em now before they catch on and skyrocket.

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