Tuesday, July 16, 2013

M14 EDH Set Review, Part 4: Red

Well, as badly as Blue and Black fared, despite being two of the best colors in the format, I don't hold out much hope for Red, which is basically the red-headed step-child of the format. But let's be fair and take a look anyway, shall we?

Bad overall, probably has some infinite combo potential though, if you're into that sort of thing.
LOL. I don't know what practical applications this might have, but DAMN is this card is a riot! It will get played, just because of the troll factor. Then again, playing this guy along side Ghostly Prison, Kazuul, Isperia 2.0, etc... could be fun. Yeah, expect to see this guy making for some hilarious but highly uncomfortable turns.
Hellrider Sliver. That's it's real name. Spread the word.
Like all the other 3-drop hate guys in this cycle, it's sideboard material or at least 60-card material. This one might have the most potential in EDH out of the five, but I'm still not sold.
 Durp. Goes in Karrthus decks for sure.
Doesn't defend herself... blah, blah, blah. I seriously try not to be a hater, especially for any incarnation of Chandra, but I don't see any real potential in EDH.
I love me some In the Web of War Action, so I'm pretty stoked about this. It's cheaper than Web, but it's also more fragile, being a Creature. +2/+0 isn't really much different from +3/+0 either. But being a Creature makes this guy easier to tutor for, easier to recur, and overall just way more awesome! Oh, and he can be Rite of Replication-ed, so watch out for that.
Non-basic land hate is actually something the format can use more of - especially when it's NOT Ruination or the like. I definitely see this potentially being a minor staple. Mono Red players should definitely love it.
Slivers get +2/+0. Weird how much worse this looks in the same set and color as Ogre Battledriver.
This might actually be the most exciting card in the set for me, possibly even more so than Archangel of Thune. Not for EDH, though. I'll probably jam one into Melek for S's and G's, but it probably won't stick around too long. But, man oh man, I have some ideas for this guy in 60-card land!

Well, in a strange twist of fate I'd say Red actually did slightly better than the last three colors. Not exceptionally so, mind you, but slightly better. I actually liked more than two cards, so there's that.

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