Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Avacyn Restored EDH Set Review, Part Five: Green

Ah, Green. The ultimate Timmy color. I don't have much to say this time. Green has always been solid in EDH, and it's not likely to change over night. So let's just dive in and see what Green goodies AVR has to offer.

I can't imagine running this in anything, when Increasing Savagery exists. Not even the Miracle possibility is enough to warrant running this in Animar or Ghave, arguabley the two decks that can best take advantage of this.
This could be pretty powerful. It gets bigger, and as it does so, it becomes increasingly hard to block any of your creatures. Then again, this is going to be a big target for spot removal, so it might not live long enough to give you value. I think it should do well enough in Ghave or other token decks.
Holy win condition! Resolving this should kill at least one opponent every time. Very much an EDH-only card. Should see tons of play in this format, where Avenger of Zendikar is one of the most ubiquitous Green cards in print.
Yup. It's a Hidden Predators for half-price, if you're playing Tribal. Combine with Changelings (try Mutavault, in particular), for greater chance of success. Outside of decks with heavy tribal themes, this ain't going to do much, but there are plenty of decks that can support this.
There's a cycle of these guys in Green that just give vanilla +X/+X bonuses. None but the Rare one stand any chance of being worthwhile, and even that one is iffy. This just doesn't do enough in EDH to be relevant most of the time.
Obvious choice for token decks. Gives you incentive to just start running your hordes of tokens into the redzone, blockers be damned. When used properly, will generate obscene amounts of mana. When not used properly will be utterly dead on the board.
Cool flavor, love the name! I like Wing Snare and Plummet already. This is strictly better than Wing Snare. Should be playable in the right metagame. If the only Sword of Stuff and Junk you ever see is Feast and Famine, this won't get you very far.
Meh. Good limited card, maybe.
 Not even Undying makes this appealing for EDH.
Possible inclusing in creature-saturated Animar decks. Mimeoplasm has better options. Usually, I'd rather just Harmonize or something.
 Bad ass art, cool effect. Only problem is, it competes with Krosan  Grip and Beast Within. This is unlikely to stack up against those two, but if you're already running those two and still in need of a third option, this could be worth considering.
Here's a fun scenario for you. I have Scroll Rack and Stranglehold on the board. I tap out for a Weird Harvest for x= 8 to 10, getting a huge handful of creatures. Next turn, I use Scroll Rack to stack the top of my library with 7 or more hand-picked creatures, then cast this. Okay, that's so convoluted it'd likely never happen, as one of your opponents is bound to disrupt your plans even if he has no clue what you're up to. Still, seems like a fun, epic play if you did pull it off.

Done right, this card should win the game for you on the spot. But it is a ten mana Mythic, so that's pretty much the only outcome that would make it worth casting. Seems like it could get a fair amount of play in EDH. You have to set it up, though, or it's gonna let you down.
Exceptionally versatile and powerful, this is a choice removal spell for Green. Most of the time, I'd just rather have Beast Within, but there's no way this isn't going to see some play in EDH. Even at six mana, it still has the potential to be a much easier to cast Violent Ultimatum. Just wish it could hit creatures too.
Meh. I could almost see actually paying six for this once in a while, and not being too unhappy about it. Especially targeting a creature with Deathtouch.
Animar decks will absolutely love this. Maybe some Mimeoplasm decks, too. There are probably more than a few ways to get infinite mana from this, if that's your thing. Most of the time, though, the spending restriction on her will just make her terrible.
YES! This is a dude I can really get behind. Obviously this is going to be in a lot of decks, starting with Animar. The nontoken clause makes it unappealing for Ghave and other token decks, but they have other toys for drawing cards. This is a worthy draw engine for all those nontoken decks out there. Suck it, Primordial Sage!
 In EDH, this is likely to be your first creature cast, and thus will target itself, making it a Grizzly Bear. Which is utterly unplayable. However, I could see this in Animar decks, where it's a cute techy choice, but still unlikely to be very good.
 Too slow and conditional. Most green decks that need or want card draw from large creatures will run Greater Good and/or Momentous Fall. Not to mention Soul of the Harvest or a host of other, better choices.
Tired of your opponents not running headlong into your Acidic Slime or Vampire Nighthawk? Force the issue.

This will require a little bit of fiddling to make it work, but once it gets going it could be a great form of removal for some decks.
This is terrible even by today's standards. Pelakka Wurm is better than this in almost every single way, despite being one mana more, and even that get's virtually no play in EDH.
This is a hilarous card, but it's definitely more of a build-around-me card for 60-card formats. In EDH, instants and sorcery cards that target your guys are almost always removal spells cast by opponents.
This is one badass uncommon, but a 3/3 just rarely gets the job done in EDH. He's just gonna be a chump blocker most of the time. Sure he could be a roleplayer in some Voltron decks with lots of equipment that just need cheap, efficient guys to attach to, but that's about it.
Best when paired with cheap evasion guys like Blighted Agent or Invisible Stalker, or large tramplers like Deus of Calamity or Simic Sky Swallower. He's a bit janky, but I could easily justify running him in Rafiq, Edric or Stonebrow (had I not decommissioned Stonebrow already...). He packs a lot of punch for 5 mana, even if he is a vanilla beatstick most of the time.
Bad Chameleon Colossus is bad. Still, I'd play it in a dedicated Treefolk deck like Doran. Needs more Trample!

Well, we're getting near the end, here, and Green stuff looks pretty good, mostly. Two really swingy Mythics, and a handful of playable rares and uncommons. Not the most exciting color in the set, but plenty to like nonetheless.

Next up, everything else! Lands, Artifacts, and of course the Powerpuff Girls.


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