Friday, September 21, 2012

New Feature: Active Deck Roster

Hello, all. I have added a new feature to the Command Zone. Over to the right, just below the all-important "About Me" gadget, you'll see a new gadget called "Active Deck Roster". In case that utterly bland, yet precisely descriptive name doesn't spell it out for you, this is a list of all of the EDH decks that I have currently sleeved up and am actively playing.

It's a rather simple, straightforward concept, but here are a few key points -

  • If I have the deck built IRL, sleeved up and ready to play, it'll be in the roster. 
  • If it's a work in progress, or in development, it won't be added until it's complete.
  • If I alter a deck IRL, I will update the list here as soon as possible.
  • There will be a changelog for each deck, where I list each change made, and reason for change.
  • If I decommission a deck, it will be removed from this roster.
  • The last-known list of a decommissioned deck will still be on the blog, just not in the roster.
  • I will make various notes on the deck as I play it over time. For example: "Trading Post is quickly becoming an MVP in Gisela" or "I played 3 games with this deck, and realized I badly need more removal".
Finally, this was done almost entirely for my own benefit. It's just the easiest, most efficient way to keep tabs on all my decks, and keep track of what changes I have made, or what changes I want to make. If it is useful to my readers too, then that's fantastic, but again, the intent behind it was entirely selfish.


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