Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick Updates

Just a few random thoughts and hints at things coming down the pipeline. You know, just so you aren't wondering if I'm still alive.

- Return to Ravnica spoiler season is underway, and it's shaping up to be one of the most exciting spoiler seasons ever. Other high-points of excitment include Alara Reborn and Avacyn Restored. Other than those two sets, though, I can't remember a time when a spoiler season was as jaw-droppingly awesome as RtR has been so far.

- Have you seen Epic Experiment yet? That shit is the mad note.

- I've been working on a Red/Blue Nin the Pain Artist deck for, like, forever now, and I just keeping hitting brick walls when trying to develop the list. However, the Izzet goodness spoiled so far has me revisiting this idea. It's still in theorycraft stage at the moment, but here's a spoiler: Past in Flames and Epic Experiment will be centerpeices of the deck.

- I'm also toying with the idea of switching to Jhoira for that deck. She seems like the better, more synergystic choice of general, but she has such a horrible reputation that I want to avoid the stigma, even though I would strive to NOT do the things Jhoira typically does - i.e. ruin games.

- Remember a while back, I trimmed my EDH roster WAY down to like 4 decks? So that I could have more card availability to build some 60-card decks? F*** that. I rebuilt a BUNCH of my EDH decks, and I am working on a coule of new-ish lists as well. I'm in the process of finalizing all the lists, so I will be providing a huge update once I feel like I'm more or less done with the builds.

- I still want to make some more 60-card decks, but so far only the mono-Red Vampires list has come together. This is partly a lack of inspiration, laziness on my part, and the fact that I just used up like 90% of my good stuff rebuilding a shit-ton of EDH decks. Also, I'm so freaking amped about Return to Ravnica that old shit like Innistrad block just doesn't get me off.

- Once RtR drops, expect a flurry of deckbuilding to commence here - both EDH and 60-card decks galore! I'm not making a promise, here. Just saying expect it, but don't be too surprised if it turns out to be like not that big of a flurry. I'll certainly try, though.

- I'm serious. Epic Experiment, folks. Just, damn.

- I've long been a huge fan of Limited formats, especially drafting. I am really hoping that once Return to Ravnica drops, I'll be able to afford to draft at least once a week. I will try to do this, and hopefully that'll generate some Limited-focused content for this blog. I write about EDH 95% of the time, because that's what I play 95% of the time, but god dang do I love some Limited. Haven't done a draft in forever, so I'm definitely hoping to get back in the habit real soon.

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