Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Commander Spoiler Roundup (continued)


Sweet! Squirrel tokens make a come-back. Unfortunately this card is somewhat poopy, but I can't help but love it for flavor reasons.

As for playing this card, well, if I build that Nin, the Pain Artist deck with Stuffy Doll, this could make the cut. Pinging the Doll to give myself a 1/1 Squirrel and dealing 1 to an opponent seems reasonably good.

This is a very interesting design, and he is acceptably cheap. Pro-White and Pro-Black are pretty relevant. His other two abilities seem really cool until you factor in how many Wrath effects are in the format. The problem with Animar is that he seems to want you to over-extend, which could lead to disaster.

 Sweet Jebus, yes! This card rocks. Early game, I don't really mind if my opponents get some lands too, it just jumpstarts the early turns which are usually boring anyway.

My dream here is to be going 4th in turn order, have everyone play an untapped land and pass, then I cast this on my first turn and everyone gets three basics!

The downside to that is, like most symmetrical cards, your opponents will get to untap their lands and use them before you do. That sucks, but not enough to stop me from playing this.

I'm going to hate casting this against Thraximundar, though.
 Meh, I hate random effects, but I love reanimator effects... do not know if want? I just have to play her and see how she does, but my initial reaction is "mild disappointment".
 This guy is better than I expected. It was obviously going to be some sort of Clone variant, but I wasn't sure how the Black and Green in his color identity would be represented.

Well, graveyard hate and +1/+1 counters fit those colors nicely. All rolled up into one sweet package, it's hard not to love this guy.
Ugh. The thing I hate about this guy is that resolving him is going to take forever, as you have to wait for your opponent to search for all the lands in his deck (except, probably, a few key non-basics). But that's not the end of it! After the game, the caster is going to have a huge clump of his lands RFG'ed in one stack, which is going to require extra shuffling to avoid having all his lands clumped into one small section of his deck.

In short, people complain about Sensei's Divining Top slowing things down... those folks are going to HATE this guy resolving.
 This seems cool until you see the next card...
Okay, yeah, this is way better. First off, Vigilance is NOT evasion, but Trample is. I just don't get it, really. These two cards cost the same, but the green one gives you better pump AND a much better Keyword ability.

If the white one had Flying, it'd be much closer to this one in power, but Vigilance is poop. This card, though, will easily fit into a number of decks - Uril, Rafiq and any deck that is already having to resort to stuff like Lignify for "removal".

The political aspect of these Aruas is pretty cool though. It acts as a theft-deterrent on your own guys, but put it on a big scary beater like Blightsteel Collosus or Ulamog and you remain safe from attack... but not your opponents!

The only question is, who will be more pissed at you: The person whose creature you enchant, or the person THAT player attacks with the enchanted guy?


  1. I love the efficiency of Acorn Catapult…only 1 mana per activation. In my head I can do all kinds of things with that squirrel token, I'll have to wait to get it to see if any of them actually work out in practice!

  2. Acorn Catapult + Deranged Hermit seems fun. I love Squirrels!