Friday, June 10, 2011

Commander Spoiler Roundup, Part 4!

More spoilers!

 Holy cow! Nice combat incentive. I still prefer Glory of Warfare, but this has the potential to surpass that card. This might even go into Rafiq decks. And I can see it being a 2x in Battle Cry decks. Can't wait to try this out, see how it plays.
 Awful. Yeah, it's a Plague Wind with an 8/8 body attached, but I don't even like Plague Wind.

This is just awful, and the art sucks too.
Holy crap. This is what is known as a "Game Changer". I strongly believe this card's impact on the format will be felt for years to come. I'm still not sure if I love it or hate it. It does kinda hose one of my favorite creatures of the last two blocks: Geth, Lord of the Vault.
 This feels like a Core Set poo rare. That said, it seems playable enough. Six power of flying deathtouchers for 7 mana is not a strictly bad deal. The fact that it comes in the form of a 2/2 and some 1/1 tokens means a single spot removal spell will not cut the mustard. You need a Wrath effect. Or a Massacre Wurm.

Yeah, on second thought, this is a card I'd rather see on my opponents' side of the board, not my own. Because I play the shit out of Massacre Wurm!
This is the one card that bridges the gap perfectly between "disappointing" and  "awesome". It's undeniably cool - putting Angels, Demons and Dragons into play for free is hot stuff. But having to attack with your 2/2 General seems very risky.

She's build-around in that you need enough tribal support for her ability to be relevant, and you need ways to protect her long enough to use her. And you need to protect her in combat.

This one will take some playtesting to determite her true strenghts and weaknesses.
Oh hell yes! I love me some Grave Pact. Lately I've been trying to fit Grave Pact into every deck, even when it doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the same thing with this card.

The good news is, it's White, so it automatically goes into any deck along side Academy Rector.

I'm already thinking Vish Kal is going to make a better general than I initially thought... Vish Kal, Academy Rector, Grave Pact and Martyr's Bond... oh boy!

Edit: Weird, I guess Blogger didn't like what I had to say about Riku, as it ate the paragraph I wrote...
Anyway, Riku has the potential to be the most degenerate of all the new Legends. Just imaging copying a Time Stretch and you'll have some idea of the hijinks Riku can get up to.

But just how broken Riku really is depends on what else is in your deck. Copying a Mulldrifter or a Prophetic Bolt is one thing, but copying Warp World or Genesis Wave could be game-ending.

For the most part, though, I think killing Riku on sight will usually be the smart play.
 Ha ha ha, eat it, Blue mages! Do you have a doucebag player in your group that likes to take infinite turns with Time Stretch? Well, this isn't going to stop him by itself, but it's a powerful tool in your arsenal, so combining this with other hate will shut down a lot of stuff.

Zur. Birthing Pod. Demonic Tutor. Scion of the Ur-Dragon. Captain Sisay. Eye of Ugin.

Mana ramp. MANA RAMP!

Skyshroud Claim? F U.

I play the shit out of some Flesh Bag Marauder. Barter in Blood finds a home in many of my decks too.

Syphon flesh is not as good as either of those cards. But it is good. In any deck with a Zombie tribal theme, it's going to be fucking amazing. Anywhere else, it's just okay.

If it was 4 mana, I'd probably play it everywhere.

Neat. Better than I expected. I knew this would be the set's "Group Hug" general, and that's exactly what she is... but the surprise here is that she looks like she could actually win games!

Saavy players will only fall for her once, if at all, but here's the thing... you only need to get one player on your side, and start giving that player stuff to beat down on your other opponents. Then the player(s) who know what your up to might want to stop you, but they have to choose between killing you or the opponent you are helping out the most.

If they try to kill you, the probably leave themselves open to attack from that player.

The thing I'm worried about here is "king-making", where one player basically hands another player the win. That's annoying. But Zedruu and her deck look like they are capable of playing to win, rather than just handing someone else game after game.


  1. Sarcasm on the Demon Guy? I can't really tell, since I think that guy is ridiculously powerful, even with the must play from your hand clause.

    Hornet Queen is such a ridiculous don't come after me card.

    I like the Syphon Flesh a bit more than either Barter in Blood or Fleshbag Marauder. Marauder is better though imo if u have ways to repeat him. Barter in Blood needs to be played around a bit to much.

  2. No, sorry, I truly hate the Demon guy. I supposed I'd be happy to play him in mono-black control with Coffers, but I don't play mono-black. In any other deck I can always find something much better to spend 10 mana on.

    Hornet Queen is appealing - I didn't mean it as a dis that it looks like a core set poo rare, as those types of cards are often the most fun to play in EDH. Stormtide Leviathan, etc... Hornet Queen is the same kind of card - if a tourney player Spike opened a Hornet Queen he'd curse his luck, but the EDH player sitting across from him would see gold!

  3. Lol, alright, idk I guess, I might just like him more because my group frowns upon some of the really awesome high mana cards like Time Stretch, Ulamog and Storm Herd to the point were I don't play them. I suppose he really doesn't stand up to those cards.

    And yeah, I'd agree with you about the Hornet Queen, I guess I'm just not competitive enough to look at in a light besides EDH.