Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spoilers the Third

Finally, we get a crop of spoiled cards that are (mostly) more exciting than the "meh" sort of cards we've looked at so far. Still, though, the most exciting things spoiled to date are still Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves.

This guy is really cool. I'm not sure yet how good he'll actually be, but I love anything that gives your guys doublestrike.

The problem is that he gives your opponents' creatures doublestrike as well. On the other hand, if you put him in the right deck and choose the right time to cast him, you will probably be in good shape.

I really like how this guy interacts with Urabrask the Hidden. Sticking both will be hard, but it will win you games if you pull it off.
 Oh snap! City of Brass just got owned. By a common. I guess I don't need to point out that this literally does nothing outside of EDH, but within the format it's basically every-deck-ever status (every deck with two or more colors).
Finally, one of the new generals lives up to the hype! Okay, yeah I kinda hate the 7 mana cmc, and for a 4/4 Deathtouch that seems rather steep.

But then the draw ability! OMG! Those of you who know me already know this, but... I am a whore from card draw. Drawing cards is my favorite thing to do in Magic, hands down.

So, yeah. Mimeoplasm is fantastic, but I think Damia is my new favorite general ever.
 Whoah. An 8/8 for 6 is cool... not having evasion is not so cool. But it's in Green so Trample is probably easy to come by. And in a 4-way game, there will usually be one person sitting there with their proverbial pants down. The great thing about this card is, you can kill someone who has their defenses up by attacking someone else!

I am picturing this guy in two decks: First, in a R/G deck with that Avatar of Doublestrike above. Second, in Rafiq. The gist, in case you didn't pick up on it, is that I really want to give this guy doublestrike!
 An cross between Verdant Force and Inferno Titan, this guy seems like he should be solid overall, but is just a tad too under-the-curve for my current playgroup. I feel like I'd still rather have Bogardan Hellkite in the 8-mana slot here.
The question here is obvious: will anyone ever actually help you kill another player by paying into this? The way I see it is, this guy is expensive, unreliable anti-Planeswalker tech. I can definitely see people Joining Forces to kill a Nicol Bolas or Jace the Mind Sculptor - IF you get an opening to attack, that is.
God this guy blows. I mean, a 7/7 for 4 mana is cool, but I hate it when people use randomization to decide who they attack. This card gives them a legitimate reason to do it.

On the flip side, this guy sort of gives precedent for demanding that your opponent does NOT use a die-roll or whatever... because you can now make the argument that you can only do so when a card specifically requires you to. Much like how you cannot legally shuffle your deck unless a rule or card text specifically allows or requires it.

So from now on, I think we can consider randomly deciding your attacks is an illegal action unless you are playing this guy.
I know I said, about the White one in this cycle, that if it had Flying instead of Vigilance, I'd like it better... well, I guess I was wrong. I don't like this. I guess it's just cause it's Blue, which means most of your best creatures will already have Flying. So there is really very little appeal in playing this on your own guy, unlike the Green one.

That said, my friend's Intet the Dreamer deck, which has always been hard-up for good removal, will love most of these Auras - she won't need removal if the scariest stuff on the board simply can't attack her!


  1. I like Damia, and I have a Vorosh deck, that needs a new general, but I think I have decided to use the Mimeoplasm instead. Damia just seems like she will get killed due to the raw power of her upkeep ability. I think I would have some difficulty keeping her in play to draw up to 7 in my meta.

    Magmatic Force might be my favorite new card non-general from commander. It doesn't apparently have the raw power to draw too much removal, but it can deal a huge amount of damage either spread out among players, to specific small creatures or to a player who you don't think can remove it.

  2. Mimeoplasm is awesome, and I think you are right that he'd be less likely to paint a giant-ass target on you. Plus, he's built-in Graveyard Hate so that is always a good thing!

    It's just that I am a HUGE whore for drawing cards, and already my friends have jokingly teased me that the first thing I will do with Damia on the board is cast Insidious Dreams to discard my hand, and stack the top of my library... with seven card-drawing spells.

    So when a new legend says "draw a bunch of cards" on it, I am so there. It may be my undoing, but that's okay. I've probably lost 100 games because I chose to draw more cards instead of doing something more relevant.

  3. Damia plus Insidious Dreams is literally the most hilariously awesome combo I have heard in a long time. (Though I would just get 7 awesome cards, rather than draw spells). I might put the two of those together in my Mimeoplasm deck just for the hell of it.