Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Commander Spoiler Roundup Wrap-up

WotC has added the remaining cards to their visual spoiler, so I now have the card images to complete my new card roundup. Many of these have been known for a while, we just didn't have art for them.

 Cool art. I'm having a hard time imagining any scenario in which, if I am casting an eight-mana White creature, I'd rather have this than, say, Akroma. It's a neat creature, though, and should be popular among the EDH crowd overall. I just like something a little more proactive than gaining three life...
Underwhelming. Hexproof - the newly minted keyword for "troll shroud" - is pretty enticing though. I'd rather have the Greaves 2.0 from M12, but there are times and places where +2/+2 will be better than Haste, but not often.
As much as I dislike the idea of using this on someone's General, it's nice to see Red getting and option like this. Red needed this card, but they probably could never have printed this in a core set or an expansion. The Commander product was likely their sole opportunity to print something like this - I'm glad they took it. Red can now deal with Enchantments.
For folks complaining about how Karador basically did the same thing as Teneb, well, congratulations, here's a different choice that is actually different!

By the way, you already had Doran too, so it's actually pretty fair that two of BGW's Generals step on each other's toes a bit.

I like this guy quite a bit more than I expected too. Nice job!
Stil only like the Green one, overall. Drawing cards is awesome, but I rarely want to share this effect with my opponents.
Nice. I may have to snag an extra copy of this guy for my Wrexial deck. I like his ability and, surprisingly, his stats are great for a 3-mana blue critter. He can be an okay chump blocker if the mill ability isn't enough to fend off an attack. I like that he can block 3/3 Beast Within token and Treetop Villages.

Sweet! Graveyard hate and efficient beater in one package. Without evasion, he's not likely to get through for much damage, but that shoud be easy to come by. The only problem is that he's competing with Fauna Shaman at this cost.
Normally, specters are cheaper and smaller, but in EDH, that makes them worse. This guy is actually really cool for EDH purposes. The CMC-based life loss is a cute bonus, and fits the expensive spell nature of the format nicely.
I like it. Normally you want your Instant-speed removal to be a surprise, but sometimes you want a "rattlesnake" card to just warn off attacks. This is a card that just sits there saying "go attack that other guy, not me".
I am not a fan of these effects at all. I don't like countermagic much, and I particularly don't like Hinder. I can't wait to cut this from the decks. Unfortunately, I do think these effects are a necessarily evil in the format as a whole - the help combat broken, unfun generals, and that is a valid use for them.

Meh, not as exciting as the other Vows, but it is marginally better than the white and blue versions. Well, Flying is a better keyword than First Strike, but this one  you might actually cast on your own guy once in a while.
Intimidate is nice evasion. Sometimes it will be blank, sometimes it will be Unblockable. The green one still wins, though.
 Huh, I wonder about this one. Would your opponents ever pay into this? I don't see it happening.
I prefer targeted, pinpoint removal, but this could wind up being very good. I'm still on the fence.

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