Monday, July 2, 2012

M13 EDH Set Review, Part 1: White

And in a move that should surprise literally no one, I'm back with the typical EDH Set Review. Since this is a core set, containing both reprints and new cards, I'll be running down just the new cards, though I may do a followup to go over some noteworthy reprints. If I feel up to it and have the time.

As always, I'll be doing this WUBRG style, kicking things off with White. It's not a racial thing, it's just how this works!

Not bad for a three-mana Walker, but pretty unexciting overall. His -3 ability is pretty compelling, and of course his Ultimate is ridiculous, but he's another one of those planeswalkers without built-in self protection, so his usefulness is suspect. I think in most decks, the original Ajani is more compelling, and even that version barely gets played.

On the other hand, he is cheap so for the small investment, even if you only get one or two uses out of him, that may be worth it.
Fine for 60-card casual, but definitely not EDH material.
I'd usually skip these non-EDH commons, but I just love this card. It's just a wonderfully flavorful top-down design, and it's pretty darn powerful for a White common creature.
White has a few of these Soldier Token cards, and I'm not sure I like this one all that much. I think on the whole I'd rather have Raise the Alarm for speed/versatility or Mobility for quantity and longevity.
I'm not usually a fan of these giant Vanilla beaters. The lack of evasion usually means they get chump blocked into irrelevancy and have far less board-impact than their size would lead you to expect.
For this card, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, though that's probably just me being a sucker for the badass art.
Instantly replacing Second Sunrise in Sunforger packages everywhere... Yeah, this is a bit niche but it's definitely going to see some play. EDH is notoriously heavy on board-sweepers in virtually every deck, so there's not much chance of this being a dead draw most games.
Meh. I'm a fan of this cycle design-wise, but none of them seem like EDH-worthy cards to me. This one is arguably the best of the cycle, and it doesn't make the cut.
Janky, but too funny and awesome not to play in any deck where it might be relevant. It'd be a sure-thing in my Vish-Kal deck, for instance. As long as you have enough going on to make him relevant, this Rhox should be fine.

Holy crap this is disgustingly powerful. Yeah, she obviosly does sickening things in a token deck, but really you only need a few creatures on the battlefield to make her seem ridiculously undercosted. Unless her monetary value becomes entirely too prohibitive, this Angel should see plenty of EDH play in all kinds of decks.


Fine for like Rafiq or whatever, but pretty underwhelming by most EDH standards. Badass art, though.

Well, that's it for White. Not a lot to offer, really. One retardely overpowered Mythic, one absolutely smashing Sunforger target/counter-Wrath tech, and a few mediocre uncommons.

Next up: Blue.

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