Tuesday, July 3, 2012

M13 EDH Set Review, Part 5: Green

Ah, Green... the color of tree-hugging hippies... who will beat you to a pulp with 6/6 Tramplers.

 Not particularly good, but worth noting for the number of EDH generals that care about +1/+1 counters: Skullbriar, Ghave, and most notably, Animar. Still probaly too weak, but possibly worth a look.
A bit expensive, but should see tons of EDH play regardless. Possibly the stupidest card a Mono-Green ramp deck could play. Broken with Avenger. Definitely going in every Maelstrom Wanderer deck ever. Yeah, this is a staple in the making.
 LOL. An uber-sized Worship effect on an uber-sized stick. Definitely a card that should appeal to the casual EDH crowd, but not actually all that great. Pair it up with Spearbreaker Behemoth and Ascetecism, though, and it starts to look... problematic. Seems like a fun card of Mayael decks in particular.
Wait, what? Did the pig set fire to the forest? I don't understand what's going on here.

The flavor text sounds like Dragonforce lyrics.
Oooh, Ghave decks will want this! Right? No. Not unless they're really budget-y or janky. On the other hand, I think I'd actually play this in my Rith deck, were it still together. This is likely to underperform for many token decks, but the Rith build is the one token deck were I've consitently had a 5+ power creature on the board most games. Getting less than 5 or 6 tokens off this makes it seem absurdly underpowered.
Uh, wow. This should just read: "search your library for a card named Primeval Titan...". For better or worse, this is absolutely going to get the shit played out of it in EDH.
Yet another evolution of the Overrun effect. I like it, but I like Overwhelming Stampede better. That this is sort of like a pseudo-Wrath for Green, though, makes it infinitely more interesting. I just don't think it'll be reliable enough.
Hmm, I guess they wanted a ramp spell that was better than Explosive Veggies but not as good as Skyshroud Claim. This hits the dead center between the two. Since the worse of the two, Veggies, is still very much a staple, expect this card to just straight up replace it in every deck that has ABUR or Ravnica duals. Definitely a worthwhile addition to Green's stable of ramp spells.
Probably just a tad too slow for most EDH decks, but the potential to abuse the hell out of ETBF effects means this is guaranteed to get a bit of experimental play at the very least. Obviously, the very first thing you put in a deck with this guy is Eternal Witness. Followed closely by Mwonvuli Beast Tracker, and then Primeval Titan.

Okay, yeah, I just convinced myself this is probably going to be pretty popular, for a while at least.
Nope, not even in an actual Yeva deck would I consider playing this.

The Beast Tracker, along with a couple of absurdly good ramp spells, and another new Overrun means Green mages have plenty to love about M13, though I think Blue still came out the ahead of the rest.

We'll wrap things up with Artifacts, Lands and a look at the Legends of M13.

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