Tuesday, July 3, 2012

M13 EDH Set Review, Part 4: Red

"Some men just want to watch the world burn..." If this sounds like you, take a look below.

Yeah, it could wipe out a token army, but Red can definitely do that WAY cheaper. This is pretty bad.
Sort of a Red version of Overrun. You need a bit more work to set this up, though. A horde of 1/1 tokens aren't really all that much scarier with Double Strike. Still, it can turn a stalled board state into a one-sided slaughter quite handily.
A two-mana dragon? A cheap flyer in Red? This is notable for how many rules it breaks. Probably not gonna get much play in EDH, though. Does kinda make you want to break out the Crucible of Fire, though, right?
I've been playing this card in DotP2013, where it was mistakenly coded as a 4/1 instead of a 4/2... and it was actually pretty good at 4/1. That said, I don't see this being EDH material at all. Possibly a good Voltron target for a bunch of equipment, but even that seems iffy.
This already existed as Arc Ligntning, which sees no play at all in EDH. Underpowered by a landslide.

Functional reprint of Dragon Fodder. Yawn.
Not sure about this one. I feel like it's actually worse than Earthquake. Hmm.
Yeah, I expect I'll be playing the shit outta this guy. Should be fairly popular in EDH, especially in metas with big, giant spells like Time Stretch and Tooth and Nail running rampant. That said, most of the time, I'd be perfectly happy to hit a ramp or draw spell with this guy. Hell, hijacking your opponent's Path to Exile will usually be well worth it.
Oh shit. We just saw a two-mana dragon, and they're already one-upping themselves with a one-mana Dragon? Well, okay. This one doesn't really seem all that great, either though. It's a fairly interesting politcal card for Red, though. I can come down Turn 1 and successfully ward off a few early attacks. I like it, potentially, but time will tell if this is something most Red decks can actually utilize.

Possible Zedruu staple, unlikely elsewhere.
WotC has been getting better at designing Red, Mythic Dragons. Ironically this is probably their best attempt yet, but for EDH purposes, this is actually less sexy than other recent efforts. I like it, but I'm not sure I like it more than, say, Balefire Dragon. Let the Type 2 players have this one, I say.
I'm not sure if this is a good card or not. I rarely play decks without access to one of the better card-drawing colors, but if I were to build a mono-Red deck I think I'd probably want to try this out.
So awesome, yet so lame. For the love of all that is holy, please do not play this in EDH - especially in a Jhoira deck.

Red, as usual... not super compelling. Mindclaw Shaman is really the only exciting thing, but it's pretty darn exciting in itself. Overall, pretty weak stuff. Almost as bad as White.

Green is soon to come.


  1. Thundermaw Hellkite is actually not that bad for a Kaalia deck, getting that nasty Vampire Nighthawk (or just any possible blocker except the ones with reach) out of the way.

    1. Very true... Great for Kaalia. Also, seems pretty good in Kaarthus or Zirilan of the Claw. Basically anything that cares about big, playable Dragons. As just a random good-stuff card, I think it's just so-so. But definitely playable.