Tuesday, July 3, 2012

M13 EDH Set Review, Part 2: Blue

EDIT: Updating this page because it's not showing up for some readers. Odd...

Blue mages rejoice: Island was reprinted in M13! Broken!

As I said, I'm a fan of this cycle, just not for EDH.
Very cool. This guy will see a ton of play, just not in creature-heavy decks. Still, digging for that spot removal or counterspell, while providing a speedbump chump blocker all for two mana is a great deal. This guy plus Riptide Laboratory? Hells yeah.

This has intriguing implications for Multiplayer use. It's one of those cards that's almost impossible to accurately gague via theorycraft. It really needs to be experimented with to determine its true value. I predict it will have a suitable home in more than a few Edric builds, but if it'll break out beyond that, I don't even dare to guess.

Vaguely reminds me of Serra Ascendant, except no Lifelink, and you actually have to work to turn it on. Worse, it is a creature that wants to go into a mill deck, but it wants to attack, making you choose between attacking with dudes for the win, or milling for the win. I don't like it.
Lord of Atlantis just got a serious uprgrade. Is this playable in EDH? Well, if you're already playing Lord of Atlantis, then definitely. It's a tribal card, so, duh - you'll know if you need this or not.
Remember when this was a two-colored Rare? Okay milling 7 doesn't equal milling 10, but it's close enough to barely matter. That said, even in Wrexial, the closest thing I've ever seen to a dedicated milling EDH deck, Glimpse the Unthinkable wasn't good enough. This ain't either, in my opinion. It's utterly disgusting in 60-card Magic, though.
Overcosted Blue enchantments are nothing new, but this defiinitely raises some eyebrows. That said, it's not really much more than yet another broken combo enabler, and so will only be played by those who are already prone to such things.

It does bear mentioning, though, that Academy Rector is a card... do with that info what you will.
Oh hell yes. I am playing the shit out of this. It's a bit of a shame that this exiles itself. But that's not a dealbreaker. I definitely expect to see this getting tons of play in EDH.
Ha. I love everything about this card, from the name to the art to the effect. Definitely fine for 1v1 use, but the fact that you can swap two creatures you don't control makes it deeper than it appears for Multiplayer use. Great for political decks like Zedruu or Edric.
Four power of Flying for 4 mana is terrific for Blue, but this is still mediocre at best for EDH. I can think of a few specific decks where I'd want this, but definitely too weak for widespread play.

If you're playing Talrand as your general you probably wouldn't feel bad throwing this in for flavor - it's not horrible. Just, on average, it's below the curve.
Well, you probably know that I personally hate this card, because I abhor tuck in EDH, but this is likely going to see very heavy play in any group or metagame that finds tuck effects acceptable. Very much an EDH-worthy card, even if I will never, ever play it.
Damn, Izzet Chronarch just got served. Mono-colored AND one mana cheaper? Wow, I didn't know Chronarch was so overcosted. Yeah, this guy is probably going to see just slightly less play than Eternal Witness. I'm a fan, just as long as he's not targetting your Time Warp.

Well, Blue did WAY better than White.  Most of the cards up there are playable, some narrowly, some widely. More importantly a lot of them seem really cool or fun.Switcheroo and Spelltwine just make me giggle and I can't wait to play them. Augur of Bolas and Archaeomancer also make me happy. Yep, I'm diggin' Blue in this set!

Next: Black.


  1. Academy Rector yes, but don't forget replenish. Along with Temporal Mastery these combos will annoy the shit out of soon to be former friends in EDH.

  2. Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Any other ETB Effect is pretty good. Sorta like Deadeye Navigator but you can blink artifacts and lands as well.

    Both cards already have a slot in my Dromar deck which should be posted soon. Be sure to check it out! ;-)

    1. Ghostly Flicker is infinitely useful. I think it'll slowly become a staple of EDH.