Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Ascension EDH Set Review: Green

Green cards, and theorycraft, abound below. Check 'em out:

Decently playable, but not by a huge margin. I don't like that you put the rest into your graveyard, but that's precisely why a certain number of players will like this. Since it requries you to be in Blue as well as Green, I simply think there are too many better options to seriously consider this, unless you're specifically in need of Flashback spells or something.
Man, if it weren't for the Morbid trigger, this would be a huge deal for Animar decks. Perhaps they can still make use of it, but not as reliably as I'd need, for this to be appealing to me. Oh well, it's not like Animar needed the help. He's already stupidly good.

Garbage uncommon is garbage. Oh well.
So weird that this guy has a Sac-a-Human ability, but it does make sense given the flavor concept. He's pretty narrow, though. I don't see too much use for him. The +1/+1 counter angle makes me think, again, of Animar and also of Ghave, but he doesn't seem stellar in either.
Not playable in EDH, but I wanted to feature it here because of the amazing artwork. So beautiful...
I usually don't like things that just get big and don't have evasion. Well, this things evasion is that it just keeps attacking over and over and over... until eventually they run out of blockers. However, any token producer a la Selesnya Guildmage or whatever will hold this at pay indefinitely. Still, this could be useful in decks that can give it Trample (with say, Brawn, for example).
Oh, yay, another way to make Mono-Green decks even more annoying. Still it's a pretty silly card and might be fun for a while. Obviously, the more colors you play, the worse this gets - I don't even see it as viable in a two-color deck.
I'd like this a lot better if it weren't six mana. That plus the "nontoken creature" clause makes it pretty abysmal in my estimation. Possibly worth considering for dedicated Wolf tribal decks, but not much else.

Pretty sweet Mythic, but I'd have preferred Haste over Vigilance. Still, this is pretty playable, though not on the same level as Prime Time or Woodfall Primus, etc. In other words, it won't be a staple of Green decks everywhere, but if there's even a hint of a +1/+1 counter theme in your deck, it is definitely worthy of consideration.
Man, the Fateful Hour part of this is sexy, but given that 90% of the time this is going to be a three-mana Fog and nothing more, the sexiness factor drops off pretty damn quickly. You could just play Tangle and/or Constant Mists, and you'd likely get far more mileage out of those cards.
Boring. a vanilla 10/10 is vanilla at any cost. Sure, this would be great to cast on turn two or three, but that ain't likely to happen. Even at a reduced cost, by the time this hits the table, it's lack of evasion will likely render it irrelevant except as a big dumb blocker.
Again, non-Blue card drawing always deserves some kind of consideration, but I can't see this being realistically good outside of Dredge, and even then it's debatable if those decks even need to draw a boatload of cards. Chances are, they'd just replace all the draws with Dredge activations.

Nice. Odd  combination of effects, but the versatility is there. That and it's hard creature kill for Green which doesn't really get tons of it. I don't know that you'd play this over Plummet... but you might.
I keep bitching about how these mana-fixer guys are always just worse than Sakura-Tribe Elder and Wood Elves. This on is no different, but it's a lot closer than what we've been getting. It's comprable to STE, but in exchange for having to pay a mana to activate it, you get a 2/2 instead of a 1/1. Seems fine for Limited, but I dont' see the slightly bigger body as being worth giving up the free activation. Close... but no cigar.
Another potential Animar helper - if you can somehow make Morbid work for you. Not worth it, in my opinion though.
Probably only really playable if you're looking specifically for Wolf creatures that don't suck. This doesn't suck, but neither is it particularly good either.

Nice aggressive two-drop. EDH is not known for hinging on aggressive two-drops, but this one is still worth playing in the right decks. Those being highly aggresive decks like Rafiq, etc. I do think this could make the cut in Rafiq at the very least, and probably anything else as aggro. Also, any deck that can do cute tricks with Undying.
Okay, now THIS is pretty much guaranteed inclusion in Animar decks. Possibly Ghave as well, though it's not quite as compelling there. But yeah, totally an Animar card, and best of all, it can help you rebuild after a Wrath effect. Replaying Animar and immediately putting 10 counters on him is a great start to rebuilding.

Also funny: Targeting Mindles Automaton with this turns it into a Harmonize!

Next: Multicolor, Lands and Artifacts. Enjoy!

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