Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dark Ascension EDH Set Review: White

Well, folks, it's that time again. Dark Ascension has been legitimately spoiled, so now it's time to discuss the cards, and what they might mean for our favorite casual format, EDH! 

As usual, I'm starting with White and will be discussing pretty much every Rare or Mythic, but Uncommons and Commons will be skipped unless, in my discretion, I feel they warrant some mention. Okay, let's roll.

Five 1/1's for 5 CMC is pretty good. The flashback is pretty steep, but manageable in the late game, which is when this would be most useful anyway. I think this card is deceptively good, because any time an opponent is considering using up their Wrath of God, and you have this in your GY with 9 or more mana, it is going to make life a little uncomfortable for them. Obviously, this is not going to see much play outside of dedicated Token decks, or Soldier tribal decks, but I think it will prove to be a strong addition for those decks.
 Yet another Flashback spell that makes tokens. While that's starting to get old, this one is different enough from Increasing Devotion that it's not too redundant. For one thing, this has an off-color Flashback, so it's not legal for mono-White decks. Also, the tokes are Spirits instead of Soldiers, and they have Flying. More notably, this doesn't cost a total of 14 mana! Where as Increasing Devotion is more of a finisher and late-game trump card, this card is more of an early game development move. Costing a total of 5 to cast and flash back, most games I'd rather pay five mana for 4 1/1 flyers than five mana for 5 1/1 non-flyers. Almost as narrow as the previous card, but just as playable in the right decks.
I can actually see this guy being pretty good in Rafiq decks, especially ones that play a lot of Equipment. Seems pretty sub-par elsewhere.
I'm not a huge fan of Fateful Hour, especially in EDH. This is one of the few cards I might be compelled to play anyway, because it's non-Fateful-Hour is not terrible. The problem I have with Fateful Hour is that, basically, no one will ever attack you down to 5 or less, ever. They're either going to outright kill you, or attack elsewhere if they see a Fateful Hour card on your side of the table.
 I dunno, Doran decks maybe? Probably not.
This will probably get some play. It should prove quite annoying to anyone unlucky enough to be it's target. This is a good way to make someone really start gunning for you!
Good utility reprint incoming! It's a two-for-one, which is always a plus, and it's cheap and Instant-y, too. I don't like that it only hits Enchantments, though. Art is pretty sweet.
Meh, decent graveyard hate will always have a home in the format, but I think there are plenty of better options available. Also, pretty sweet art.

 Cute kitty!
Probably not going to be overwhelmingly popular as a General, but she might see some play in very creature-heavy decks. Pretty underwhelming overall.

 Seems awful to me. I like the effect okay, but not enough to spend eight damned mana on it. If you could target another player it might be okay as a hoser for Karador and others of his kind. As it stands this might be might least-favorite mythic in the set.
I don't like exiling my own shit. This is kinda neat design, though. I think it'll appeal to a small subset of EDH players who like doing awesome things with not-awesome cards.
 Pretty good for a precon rare. Cost-to-size is acceptable and the ability is pretty good too. I like it, but I don't seeing it being quite up to par with most EDH cards. Playable but not highly so.
This one seems likely to cause quite a stir, as it's very much a Johnny card.Finding a reason to use this over Ghostway or Second Sunrise, for example, should prove quite a challenge. Some folks like a good puzzle, and this might keep 'em at it a while. Ultimately I don't think it will bear much fruit - you'll probably have to work too hard for too little reward. But I may be wrong.

Up next is Blue, of course. Enjoy!


  1. Is it me or is teysa getting a ton of support ;)

  2. Hmm... good point. Maybe I'm playing the wrong W/B General. Teysa decks certainly seem even more viable now, but I think a lot of the W/B stuff in this block is pretty good in almost any W/B deck, though Teysa probably benefits the most. After Avacyn Rising, if I haven't already I'll probably look at turning my Ghost Council deck into a Teysa deck. Maybe.

    1. If you do be sure to post it would love to see what you do with her!

  3. Very good review of the white. Pretty right on regarding opinions. That Mythic Sorcery sux. One note: Increasing Devotion brings out normal humans, not soldiers (does tribal soldiers not much good)...

  4. Good catch on Increasing Devotion. Don't know why I thought it made Soldiers. That kinda sucks. It'd be much better if they were human soldiers. Overall White really got the shaft this set - which does make some sense for a set called "Dark Ascension"...