Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Ascension EDH Set Review: Multicolor and Lands

Um... yeah. There was a paragraph here, but the Internet ate it. Or something. Anway, cards. Mmmmm... Magic cards.

Sweet abilities, less sweet CMC. Seems pretty playable overall, but possibly too easily outclassed by other cards. Time will tell if this takes off or not, but I can only see myself playing this when I am specifically trying to avoid "good stuff".
Um. Yeah. This is awesome. Hope it doesn't stay ridiculously expensive for long, because I'm gonna need a couple.
We go from Olivia Voldaren to this? WTF? Haste is pretty darn compelling in EDH, the Land of Unending Wrath Effects. But the Sac-A-Human mechanic in this set is a big turn off. The set seems to want you to play Tribal decks, yet it wants you to dilute the Tribal themes with off-tribe creatures. That design fits really well flavor-wise, but it leads to diluted and wonky deckbuilding. Not a fan.
This guy is pretty good. Probably going to be the top Mythic for EDH purposes. The deal-breaker, in my opinion, is that you cast the creature from the graveyard for its original mana cost, so against decks that aren't your colors, this is useless. But, it can get your own creatures back too, so that's a plus.
Seems better in a Grixis deck than straight U/B... we'll see.
Good vampire lord. Should be a sure-thing in any Vamp tribal deck. I do wish it granted Haste instead, but First Strike isn't terrible.
Ghost pirate! Sweet. Very strong and compelling lord for Spirit decks. Definitely a must-run for W/U Spirits.
Another top-notch lord that should basically always be played in the deck of its appropriate colors and tribe. I like how it's versatile enough to go in Werewolf decks or just straight Wolf tribal.
Wow, 5 for 5! Not bad, WotC, not bad. All five of these "lord" cards are very playable and accentuate their respective tribes nicely. This one is no exception.
Compelling at first glance, this thing seems to have a lot going on. However, it probably will prove a little awkward and unwieldy. I expect it to underperform in most decks, but it could be a very important role-player in mono-color decks that don't have a lot of good removal options.
Yuck. Fuck this noise.
Seems way too slow/bad/expensive to be playable. I don't even like how the mechanic gets across the "flavor" of Jar or Eyeballs. Swing and a miss.
BAD. ASS. This should get plenty of play in any W/B deck, or W/B/X deck. Quite a swingy effect for (effectively) five mana. Very cool! Can't wait to get this into my Ghost Council deck.
Super-relevant EDH reprint with gorgeous art? Yes please! I simply must have a foil of this one. The art reminds me of Skyrim.
Meh. Not super exciting, but certainly playable in decks that can really use it. Definitely a boon to Savra decks and the like. At least it can occupy a Land slot, unlike Phyrexian Altar and such. Definitely a step in the right direction.
Pretty underwhelming when you consider stuff like Volrath's Stronghold exists in the format. But, this doesn't have a Black color identity so it's more widely useful. Also, there's Crucible of Worlds to help it along. This isn't going to be a huge megastar in the format, but it should definitely see some play.

Okay, so that's almost all of it. We've got the Double-Faced Cards to look at, and then we're done. Enjoy!

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